This weekend I watched The William Tyndale Story of the Torchlighters DVD series Heroes of the Faith. It was excellent! It’s an animated film for children ages 8-12. However the DVD contains as an extra feature an interview with Dr. David Daniell, a Tyndale scholar. This interview is more like a documentary and it would appeal to older children and adults. I thought it was fascinating and moving. To think that Tyndale sacrificed his life in order to get the Word of God into the hands of the common people in their own language! And yet many Christians today have so many Bibles – different translations, study bibles, reference bibles, pocket bibles, parallel bibles, etc.–and find it a chore to read even a little bit each day! Imagine how precious it was to those people in the 16th century to receive their own copy of the Scriptures for the first time in a language they could understand! May the Word of God be that precious to us! God has blessed us in these last days,especially in the USA, with Bibles being readily available. We have no excuse for not reading God’s Word.

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be required.” Luke 12.48 (NASB)