Our daughter, who is now 4 years old, has been sitting with us during the morning worship service at our church since she was three. Behavior-wise, she does quite well, sitting quietly and not being that much of a distraction to anyone. (As an aside, we just started working with our 2-year old son sitting through a service. He’s going to be a bit of a challenge. Boys are that way, I guess. During our first trial run, I gave him a Bible felt book to keep him occupied. He started roaring like a lion at the Noah’s ark page. Yes, we have our work cut out for us!)

Back to my daughter…..I often wonder if she gets anything at all out of the sermon. When possible, I show her the page in her story Bible that corresponds to what the pastor is preaching, or maybe I’ll bring a Bible story book that corresponds to the message. Of course, this doesn’t always works out. Paul’s epistles aren’t in her story Bible, for example. I’ve been considering talking to her during the week about what the Pastor will be speaking about on the coming Sunday. (This is quite easy at our church, since our pastor usually preaches through books of the Bible.) I just want to do something to clue her in to the message.

However, this week I got some encouragement that she is at least listening, whether she understands or not. I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and listening to a Way of the Master podcast on my laptop. My daughter is sitting at her little table in the kitchen diligently coloring a birthday card she received from her aunt. When all of a sudden she says, “Mommy, they said my verse!” I had only been half listening to the program and had no clue that she was paying attention, so I asked her what verse. “My verse!”, she insists. So I backed up the program and heard Todd Friel use John 3:16 while witnessing to someone. We had been working on this verse the previous week. It was one that she had learned by listening to a music CD. But like so many of us when we don’t always hear the lyrics of a song correctly and we just sorta sing what they think they are, she had done the same thing with the last part of John 3:16. So we had spent the week learning it correctly. Old habits die hard!

Anyways, I was so encouraged by this. She heard something that was familiar to her and she was excited about it! Of course, this isn’t some brand-new discovery about child behavior. We all know they listen to everything–our conversations, our phone calls, etc– while at the same time either playing quietly or running through the house. It can be kinda scary when you think about it! But in this case, I was so excited about it because it was God’s Word that she was hearing. It tells me that she can get something out of the preaching and that I can help prepare her to get it.