Here’s more of the same nonsense that I posted about before:

Schools Test No-Zero Grading Method

Before long we’ll have people demanding they have a right to a do-over. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the article:

“Don’t get me wrong. Responsibility is very important, and turning things in on time is important,” she said. But “in the real world, if someone comes to your house and lays tiles and it’s done incorrectly, they get a redo, right?”

Oh please! I would probably allow them a redo…at their own expense…not mine! And then maybe their boss would decide they were a liability to the company because they just cost them time and money, and they would have to find themselves another line of work. Maybe in our slumping economy, the guy who can’t lay the tiles correctly will be the first to get laid off. I could go on….

This country is raising up a generation of people who think they have a right to everything, including the right to not bear the consequences of their irresponsibility…