I know of several homeschoolers who post weekly reports to show their progress during the week. I love looking at those sites, so I thought there may be someone out there who would like to look at mine…..or not! Really I just love homeschooling (even though my oldest is only 4) and I just want to talk about it. So there you go!

EG (age 4):

We’re in week 24 of Sonlight p4/5. The highlight this week was a book called The Gods Must Be Angry. It’s a true story about a boy from Thailand who accidently knocks the head off of his family’s idol. A little google search of pictures of Thailand really added to it. We also reread Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is? What a fun book! Next week we’ll read another one by the same author. Then, inspired by Eric Carle’s Animals Animals, we looked up photos of narwhal online.

In reading, we started the short oo sound in the Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading. Explode the Code Book 3 is still going very well.  We’re  in I Can Read It! Book 3 in the Sonlight Reader schedule. She really wants to get to Little Bear, but that’s still a few books away.

AZ (age 2):

We were on the Letter U this week. Urchin (as in sea urchin) was our animal, pentagon was our shape,  six was our number, and his favorite thing to say was “Me don’t know.” He’s still making progress in his “Walla” book (aka “Koala” book) and “Kitty” book. One is tracing and the other is mazes. When he’s done, he wants everyone to know: “Me not touch black!” He loves to do his “nummers”. We worked on counting and recognizing numbers 0-6.

SA (age 10 months):

This week he was still thinking about crawling. Just thinking. He got rid of his snotty nose, but by Friday he had two ear infections and the croup. His favorite nursery rhyme was and continues to be Jeremiah Obadiah. He ate pasta at CiCi’s this week. Woohoo!

Me (age -):

I’m in the key of G in my Mel Bay Guitar Book 1. I’m trying to get through some strange arrangement of “Home on the Range”. I sound like a music box winding down….I get slooower and slooooooower and slooo…….I guess I’ll know that I succeeded when it actually sounds like “Home on the Range”. I’m still trying to get to my Bm bar chord in “Grace Unmeasured” in a timely fashion. I guess I just can’t pick something easy to learn.  And I’m working on the major scale pattern. I’m not so good at this yet. I’m reading Worship Matters (again). Oh, and I filed my taxes.