So my husband thinks that “Weekly Report” is a very boring title for…weekly reports. So, he suggested “Following Foundations” since our tentative school name is Foundations Classical Academy.

This week I was very impressed with Sonlight‘s customer service. I ordered a math workbook and it turned out that the answers to an entire lesson were already in the book….kinda like the pages were taken out of a teacher’s manual. Well, I emailed Sonlight asking if maybe I had a defective copy. The same day I got an email from them saying my “no charge order” was being shipped the next day. And then I got another email from customer service apologizing for the inconvenience. Go Sonlight!

We went to the library on Tuesday. We checked out a Dora DVD for the first time. We don’t watch Dora at home because we don’t get that channel. And I think that’s a good thing, because if I had to listen to Dora on a regular basis, I would go insane. I’m not sure if I would want to strangle the map or the backpack first. I’ve got to have a plan the next time I go to the library with three kids. It was not a productive trip. I need to take a book list or something. It’s impossible to “browse” with three kids under the age of 5. We headed to the park thursday after lunch with some friends. The weather was beautiful and the kids had a great time. I’m really ready for the weather to warm up some.

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EG (4 yrs old):

Well, the dillydally gene was in full expression mode this week. It took her forever to do most everything, but we got through it. We were on week 25 of Sonlight p4/5. Our new books this week were People and How Do You Lift a Lion?, although she loved our story from Milly Molly Mandy the best. We started counting pairs this week in Singapore math. We may review that next week. She didn’t catch on at first. We got through question 49 in the Baptist Catechism. This starts the section in the catechism on the Ten Commandments. We also finished the Foundations Verses this week. We’re now moving on to learning the verses from Wise Words for Moms at the suggestion of a friend.  The first verse, found in the Proverbs 6.16-19 passage, is about how causing trouble with your brothers is one of the things that God hates. This needs some serious application in our home. We decided to learn the song “Seven Awful Things” from the Go to the Ant CD by Judy Rogers. Even kids want to soften sin and how God responds to it. I asked her how God feels about her doing things just to aggravate her brother. She said “It makes God sad.” Umm….correction. God hates it.

AZ (2 yrs old):

This week we were on the letter V, pentagon was our shape and vulture was our animal. The only other option I had for an animal was a vampire bat, and frankly, all bats are bats to a two year old. We moved on to the number 7, even though 6 was hit and miss. He absolutely loves his Kumon books. Below is a picture of his “me not touch black” for this week out of his “walla” (koala) book. Another big achievement this week was learning how to use the laptop. He loves to play Starfall, so I showed him how to use the mouse pad and let him go to town. He played until the battery gave out. I also let him play with scissors this week (that just sounds bad). The kid was mesmerized! He worked on Proverbs 3.5-6 in the Foundation Verses this week. I think we’ll be on these verses for a few weeks! He almost has verse 5.

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SA (10 months old):

Well this week he was….(drum roll!!!!)…..CRAWLING!….(cymbal crash). He finally got over the croup, although we’re still cramming the “pink stuff” down him for ear infections. He’s a pro at putting his pacifier in his mouth. On the way home from the park, I looked in the mirror and there he was with his pacifier in his mouth. I didn’t know his pacifier was even in the car. I guess he found it in his carseat and took care of things himself. Now since he’s starting to crawl, I’ll have to be more diligent about vacuuming thoroughly. You know how babies are. If there is one speck of dirt or anything else on the carpet, they will find it and eat it!

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I finally made it through “Home on the Range” on the guitar, although I’m not very fluent yet. I moved on to “Carry Me Back to Old Virginny”. I don’t want to go back to Old Virginny, but I’m going anyway. I’m hoping to have this chapter on the key of G conquered by my lesson on Thursday. I’m making some progress on my bar chords.  I’ve got the crud again. I was getting much better until I relapsed on thursday. I probably won’t be singing this Sunday and may need to get a replacement to teach my Sunday School class. My right ear has been stopped up all week. I’ve been saying “What? What?!” all week. There’s no telling what I’ve missed.