Here’s our update for the week. My daughter had her first soccer game of the season last saturday. In U5 they don’t keep score, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t win. She didn’t score any goals, but she was all about some goal kicks and corner kicks! This was a big improvement over her first game last season in which she burst into tears and had a major meltdown. We spent the rest of the day at a friend’s house at the lake and had a nice relaxing time.



The highlight of our week was on Wednesday. Daddy took the day off, and we all went to the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science. My son loved the weather exhibit, particularly the “cloud”. He kept asking to go back. Daddy’s chest was hurting that night from breathing in too much “cloud”. At the Magic Wings Butterfly House, we were able to see many butterflies up close. My daughter was excited about going to this exhibit until she saw a huge butterfly up close sitting on a lady’s finger. Then she got butterfly-phobia. At one point, I had quite a few butterflies on my legs and shirt. Thankfully they were attracted to me and not to her or else some serious drama would have been played out in the butterfly house. She enjoyed it at a distance. One of my favorite exhibits was the “Munch Cam”. They had a tobacco hornworm in this container with a camera positioned at it. It was munching away on a tobacco leaf. You could control the camera to zoom in and out. And you could rotate the leaf. They had speakers where you could hear it munching on the leaf. Here’s a video:


EG (4 yrs):

We finished week 27 of Sonlight p4/5. Lots of fun stories this week! She worked on sequencing in Singapore Math and did okay. She needs more practice. She worked on capital letters B and P in handwriting, and she’s still plugging away in Explode the Code 3.  She’s doing great in her reading. She’s almost done with Sonlight’s I Can Read It Book 3, and we finished the section on “other vowel sounds” in the Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading. This week we memorized 1 Peter 3:11, which says “let him turn away from evil and do good; let him seek peace and pursue it.” This completes our section from Wise Words for Moms about causing strife and aggravating. Next week we’ll be on a different topic. We also memorized question 52 of the Baptist Catechism. We’ve been working on the catechism for just over a year now. Slow and steady!


AZ (2 yrs):

This week we were on letter X, fox was our animal, our shape was still a hexagon, and 8 was our number. He cracked me up when he burst into the kitchen with a book saying excitedly “Me found 8 just like on my poster!!” The kid is learning and loving it! We tried to work on potty training this week. Sigh. He was successful twice this week and that was because I timed it well. Every time I would take him to the potty, after the first 5 seconds he would say “Me try ‘morrow.” I told him that he wasn’t Scarlet O’Hara and that he was going to try today AND tomorrow! Another sigh. He’s doing very well memorizing Proverbs 3:5-6. I love hearing him say “acknowledge” in verse 6. He’s not quite ready to move on to a new verse yet. I think he needs another week.


SA (10 months):

Let me introduce you to Mr. Fussy Bucket. The pictures below don’t tell the true story. He has teeth coming in, but I also think he’s entering that stage where he has to see Mommy or he’s going to fall apart. This week I couldn’t even open the fridge door and block his view of me without him screaming about it. Thankfully, he was perfect at the museum. Maybe he just needed a change of scenery. One day this week I found him eating something orange in the kitchen.  It was a tossup as to whether it was playdoh or a carrot. I would have preferred it be a carrot except for the fact that we hadn’t eaten carrots that day…or the day before. In fact, the best I can say is that we ate carrots in the distant past. I felt bad. I mopped.



I feel like the only thing I accomplished this week was mopping the kitchen floor (see above). I am working on the Eminor lesson in my Mel Bay guitar book, but it’s going pretty slow. I got sunburn at the lake last saturday. I was attacked by butterflies on wednesday. And because I can’t really think of anything else to say about myself this week, I will add that I’m thankful that Breyer’s ice cream was buy-one-get-one-free at the grocery store.