Well, last week was a lot more fun than this week, but we still got some stuff done. In summary, this week consisted of flip-flop paramacia, snotty noses, a “wet” step stool trade-off gone bad, and something about zombies. Read on!

EG (4 yrs old):

0301This week we completed week 28 of Sonlight p4/5.We had a new book this week called What’s Smaller Than  a Pygmy Shrew by Robert E. Wells. Yes, I actually read a book to my 4 year old with the word quarks (as in subatomic particles) in it. I really don’t think she got her mind around this book, but we sure did love it. Of course, I’m a physical chemist by training, so I’m a nerd about things like subatomic particles. Anyways, we’re going to reread it a few more times over the next few weeks, and it’s definitely one that we’re going to look at again when she’s older. This book reminded me of when I was in school and we looked at pond water through a microscope. Some people had amoebas and some had paramecia. What fun! One day we’re gonna have a microscope. When we were talking about this book with daddy at supper, I asked her what “those things in the drop of water” looked like. She said “flip flops”. (The book describes them as “slippers”.) Too funny! We also found a website that has videos of amoebas, etc and other small critters under microscopes. In her reading, she finished Sonlight’s I Can Read It Book 3. She knows she is now only two books away from Little Bear and she is very excited about it. This week we also started a new section of Wise Words for Moms on bad friendships. We memorized Proverbs 13:20 which says “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm” and we memorized question 53 of the Baptist Catechism which asks “What is forbidden in the first commandment?”

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve started having her listen to books on tape during her “quiet” time in the afternoons. Quiet time was about to go the way of the dinosaurs and I needed some way to rescue it. So far she has listened to Charlotte’s Web and The Magician’s Nephew. I have no idea what she is retaining from this, but she must be getting something. The other day in the car she was singing one of her made-up songs (I keep calling her Frances), and one line was something like “1, 2, 3, languishing!” I told my husband that I couldn’t remember the last time I used the word “languishing” in a sentence and I wasn’t sure where she learned that word. Then I realized that Charlotte must have been “languishing”!  And on a final note, in case you are wondering, the masterpiece below is a lamp. 🙂


024AZ (2 yrs old):

This week we were on letter Y, yak was (predictably) our animal, our shape was a trapezoid, and 8 was still our number. I also let him “feed the tiger” this week. It was an idea I got a couple of years ago from the Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading. Fortunately, our “tiger” is still holding up. I have some Dr. Seuss cards with letters on them. If he could identify the letter then he got to feed it to the tiger. He did the sound effects and everything. Grumm, grumm, grumm!!

However, his biggest accomplishment this week was potty training. We’re still in the stage where it’s all about timing….my timing, that is…..but thankfully I have had zero resistance from him on going to the potty this week. He pretty much goes when I take him. I think this is a huge accomplishment. He’s so proud of himself. However, we did have a huge drama played out between him and my daughter over an “accident”. He came down the hallway saying that he was wet (obviously…..he was wearing underwear). I wasn’t exactly sure where the scene of the crime was. I cleaned up some in their bedroom on the floor and I thought that was it. Well, sometime later my daughter starts screaming. They share a room and they have matching step stools to use to get on their beds. Come to find out, the scene of the crime earlier had been his step stool and I didn’t know it. Well, apparently he got the idea to switch his “wet” step stool with hers and in the process he was flinging it around and flung the “wet part” on her. She was screaming like she was going to melt like the wicked witch of the west. Eventually life went back to normal and the step stool was placed in the shower.

One final thing to add about AZ. He’s been sick this week. The snot has returned to my home.


SA (10 months old):

Well, what can I say about Little Bit? He has also been sick like his brother. He has been so pitiful. Not only is his nose running like a faucet, but his eyes have goop in the them. The eye goop is new for me. Is this part of a normal cold or could he have allergies?? Don’t know. He’s also still working on some teeth, so he’s been drooling excessively. Put all of this together–runny nose, goopy eyes, drool and lots of tears–and at times he has been so messy and sticky that only his mother would probably want to love on him (okay, I do know a few other select people who would still choose to love on him!). I included a picture with Daddy to show you how early we start deep theological training with our children. It’s Systematic Theology at 10 months, baby! No, not really. The poor baby was having one of his pitiful moments, and Daddy was multitasking.

022 020


My guitar lesson got canceled this week, but I did make a good bit of progress on my Eminor chapter. I have 3 pages left in my first Melbay book!! Woohoo! Of course, I anticipate it taking me 4-6 weeks to finish those 3 pages. It gets kinda tough towards the back of the book. Regardless, I have only been taking lessons for about 5 months and I’m so excited that I’ve gotten this far. I remember when I first got the book and I looked at the lessons in the back. I immediately recognized that it was not in my best interest to look in the back of the book! It all seemed so impossible. Not anymore! My biggest concern right now is learning how to play a real song. The problem is that I can’t seem to choose songs that are easy to play (you know the ones that only have D, G, C and Em chords in them). So my progress has been slow in this area. We’re going to visit my family next month and my dad plays guitar. I want to be able to play at least one song semi-well. So, I’ve decided to work on Chris Tomlin’s “Jesus Messiah”. I think this is doable.

I went to our library Spring book sale today. It was terribly crowded, but I managed to buy some videos for the kids and a few books for them. It was a fairly uneventful trip except that there was this shady-looking guy standing in line ahead of me mumbling something about how vampires and zombies are actually very common. Hmm.