Reader, beware! The most exciting three words you will read in this report are “nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae”. It that doesn’t interest you, then it’s probably best if you just look at the pictures.

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EG (4 yrs old):

0174This week we completed week 29 of Sonlight’s p4/5.  One of the nursery rhymes we read this week was “Sulky Sue”. A couple of times she would sulk and I would ask “Now you aren’t going to be a Sulky Sue, are you?” She would just crack up. We also added Jerry Pinkney’s Aesop’s Fables, which I bought a couple years ago because I thought the illustrations were wonderful. She finished the first half of Singapore’s Earlybird Math Program this week. I already have the next book, but we’re waiting until August to start it in Kindergarten. We plan to fiddle around with color-by-number, dot-to-dot, and pattern blocks until then. She read The Best Trick in its entirety this week, even though it was scheduled to be read over 3 weeks. We memorized Proverbs 24.24-25, which says “Make no friendship with a man given to anger, nor go with a wrathful man, lest you learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare.” We also learned question 54 of the Baptist Catechism, which asks “What are we especially taught by these words “before Me” in the first commandment?” This completes the questions on the first commandment. Overall, it was a fairly light week of school and that was a good thing considering the sickness we battled with this week. EG was the healthiest of the three children, although she had two evenings of high fever (103°) that completely wiped her out. Some ibuprofen and she was as good as new. The only other symptom was a headache. Not sure what this was.  I’ve included a couple of her drawings to liven up this post a little. She drew these using Usborne’s I Can Draw People, which I bought for 50 cents at the book sale last week. Oh, and in case you’re wondering about how soccer is going….four out of five of her games have been rained out.

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AZ (2 yrs old):

0041This week we were on letter Z, our animal was…..wait for it…..a zebra, our shape was still a trapezoid, and 9 was our number. His school this week didn’t get anymore exciting than that. The poor baby continued to be sick (and is still sick). He would start coughing and we would tell him “cover your mouth when you cough”. He then covered his mouth, continued to cough and said “it not working!” Then to add to his misery, both eyes started draining on Wednesday and started turning red. And of course, when I was the most paranoid about a potential pink eye epidemic, all three of them decided they were going to play together……in a tent….in a small tent……with AZ coughing all over them and the baby accidentally drinking out of AZ’s sippy cup. I thought “why don’t you three just lick each other’s eyeballs and get this over with!” Well, I took him to the doctor on friday and the doc said that he doesn’t have pink eye (yippee!), but most likely the pathogen “nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae” (aka ‘super crud’ ) is causing all his trouble….and to top it all off, his ear is infected, too. We got an antibiotic. In the meantime, I’m trying to get over the psychosomatic itching in my eyes. One good thing about going to the doctor was we got to have lunch with Daddy at Cracker Barrel. Although, I’m sure by the time we left, nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae was probably all over that little peg game they have on the table.


SA (11 months):

SA was still sick this week. He set a record in the snot department, but I’m humble enough not to boast about it. Although, I only had to wipe his nose a couple times tonight. So, he is on the road to recovery (that is until nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae rears its ugly little head. I should really try to be more optimistic.) Now onto something more positive. We had to lower his crib this week. The boy can pull up on his feet now! He’s only done it a handful of times, but you never know when he’ll decide to climb out of the crib. Another change is that he used to cry every time I left the room. Well, now he just follows me around. I do prefer this to the crying, but when I’m doing the potty training thing with AZ, he just has to be right in the middle of things. And since our bathroom is the size of a matchbox, this is not working so well. Once this week he was also right under my feet in the kitchen. His sister was standing there and says “He’s going to try to eat that! It’s a good thing it’s stuck to the floor!” Right. I guess that could be the silver lining of the dark cloud that is my kitchen floor. Now where’s my mop?

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I dispensed ibuprofen and wiped noses every day this week. Two of the more uplifting things that happened were my husband bought me four Cadbury Cream Eggs (I have already eaten two of them….EG saw them lying on the counter and she said “Momma, what’s that?” I said, “Something Daddy bought for Mommy. Now go play, honey.”  I don’t share cupcakes and I don’t share Cadbury Cream Eggs. Yes, I know I should repent. Maybe after Easter.) and I received my new Sonlight catalog in the mail! Yay!!