Well, I am happy to report that our household is mostly well! [Cough! Cough!] (I said mostly.) Now, if the warm weather would just come and stay awhile, maybe we can be done with the crud.

We finally made it back to the library this week. I learned–again–that I need to go the library with a list of book suggestions in hand. EG and AZ occupied themselves on the computers, but SA was a major fussy bucket when he was in his stroller. I had to carry him around, and, as a result, I could only browse the books on the top shelf. When I put him on the floor, he would do his own browsing on the bottom shelf.  We didn’t leave with a ton of books. AZ had a two-year old fit in the library which led to a hasty departure. We picked up lunch afterwards and took it to the park. One of those spur of the moment things. AZ had another two-year old fit upon leaving the park. You know, the ones where they roll around on the ground. As a matter of fact, it’s been “fit central” at our house this week! Fun, Fun. At supper that night, he was sorta confessing to Daddy about how he “cried at library”, but how he didn’t “cry at park” (I did say “sorta” confessed). I corrected him that he did cry at the park and reminded him of his fit. He shook his head in disbelief and started quickly saying “Dat not happen! Dat not happen!” Right.

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EG (Age 4):

0751This week we completed week 30 of Sonlight’s p4/5. We read a chapter of Milly Molly Mandy this week. She absolutely adores this book. At suppertime, she was able to narrate the story back to Daddy with a little direction from me. I wonder sometimes how much she understands from this book. It’s not that the vocabulary is very difficult, it’s just different…..probably because it was written 80 years ago! But I see that she understands and remembers quite a bit. She’s still plugging away in Explode the Code Book 3. I included a picture of some of her work this week. Since we  finished our math book last week, she worked some with the pattern blocks this week. She was proud of her alligator. We also practiced counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s. We’ve started learning how to count by 2’s. In her reading this week, she read Green Eggs and Ham and started Little Bear. I was hoping to put Little Bear off until next week, so I tried to slip in a Bob Book today instead. Didn’t work. She was on to me. She’s been waiting on Little Bear for a long time now and she wasn’t about to wait until Monday to get started! She did great on her memorization this week. We memorized Proverbs 28.26 which says “Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered.” We also memorized question 55 of the Baptist Catechism which asks “Which is the second commandment?”. The answer is Exodus 20.4-6. She already knew verse 4 from our Foundation Verses. I did not expect her to get this whole passage in a week’s time, but she really surprised me. No soccer again this week. Rained out. She does have a game scheduled for tomorrow.

Daddy had to burst her bubble this week. He always covers her up with her blanket after she falls asleep. She asked him why when she wakes up in the morning is her blanket on her and not just her sheet. After hearing about what he does, she said “Oh, I thought it was magic!” She has had quite the active imagination this week. Here’s a conversation that just happened tonight:

EG: When I grow up I’m going to be a girl astronaut with a purple astronaut suit. That’s my wish.

AZ: Daddy, I need tell you sometin. Do you got go to dore morrow?

Daddy: I’m not sure yet. We’ll see.

EG: Well, I know that the day after tomorrow you have to go to the store because you have to get me the purple astronaut suit.

Daddy: I thought that wasn’t until you grew up?

EG: Well, it is. And when I get old enough, I’ll put it on, climb into a rocket, and blast off into space!

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AZ (Age 2):

0452In between having screaming fits, he worked hard on the Letter “A” this week. My main goal this time through the alphabet is for him to recognize the lowercase letters. He knows most of the uppercase letters and most of the sounds (thank you, Starfall!). We also started an alphabet notebook this week. I am not a crafty person. If I do anything hands-on and creative, I have to think long and hard about it. However, I have been intrigued with the idea of lapbooks. I feel sure that at least my daughter would love them, and I could see them being great learning tools. So, I wanted to get my feet wet a little. I decided to do this free alphabet notebook from homeschoolshare.com. It’s not technically a lapbook, but it uses the same crafty principles. Well, our “A” page was very successful. He absolutely loved it! He sorted big “A’s” and little “a’s” in the buckets several times. I let him use chalk to decorate his little book, and he did great tracing over the letters. (Oh, and Margaret, if you happen to read this, please note the little apple brad that is holding the apples together. Grin.) Of course, my daughter took twice as long to do her stuff because she kept peeking over his shoulder. She asked me in a very disappointed way, “Did I do an alphabet notebook when I was two?[Sniff. Sniff.]” (We’ll post pictures of her first lapbook when we complete it next week.) AZ also worked on memorizing Psalm 1:6 this week, which says “The Lord knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish”. He needs another week, but he’s doing great. He also watched some Magic School Bus this week. Once, while standing in the kitchen, he exclaimed “Baking soda! Aaaaaaahhh!” Must have been the “Ready, Set, Dough” episode. Potty training is going about the same, except that my timing has been a little off this week. We’ll get there.

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SA (age 11 months):

What can I say about the baby? He did some geography, called out for pizza, and was, at times, quite goofy!

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[Cough! Cough!] Excuse me. I had a good guitar lesson this week. I still haven’t finished my Mel Bay book, but as I have mentioned before, the last few pages are kinda hard. So, I’ll be done when I’m done! My teacher helped me with Chris Tomlin’s “Jesus Messiah”. I’m comfortable with the chords now. I think I just need to gussy it up a little. I made shrimp scampi for supper last night. AZ wanted to help, so I let him put the dinner rolls on the cookie sheet. I turned around and he had one up to his mouth. I said “Don’t put that in your mouth!” He said “I just lickin’ it!” Oh, well that’s different! Anyone want to come to my house for dinner?