This was the week of appointments: orthopedic and dental. AZ had to have his hips xrayed…..again. He was born with hip dysplasia and had to wear a pavlik harness for the first 6 weeks of his life. I included a picture of him in his brace. We liked to dress him up like a hockey goalie when he was a baby. He was indifferent, but it did make us smile in a rather trying situation. Those weeks seemed to last an eternity, but looking back, it was a short ordeal. (Our daughter was also born with hip dysplasia, although it wasn’t as severe as AZ’s. She had to wear a different kind of brace (Rhino Cruiser Hip Abduction Brace) for 2 months when she was sleeping. I threw in a picture of her as well for those who are curious about the world of hip dsyplasia.) The hardest part was the technical difficulties that came with not being allowed to take the brace off. He only got sponge-baths. And, being a boy…well, he did what baby boys do and soaked the thing a few times (along with the wall, window, me, his head, etc). Let’s just say, the brace wasn’t white anymore by the time he got it off. And yes, I did what I had to do. I febreezed a newborn. Is that legal? He lived and he smelled okay for church. Anyways, jump back to the present. Since he’s been out of the brace, he’s had more xrays. He had one a year ago and there was still “something” in the “slightly” abnormal range. So, he had to go back this week for another xray. Well, the doctor still wouldn’t release him. He has to go back in two years. I’m not even sure what’s wrong. He said a couple “minor” things that would very likely be corrected with growth, and that he couldn’t “possibly imagine that he would have to have surgery to fix his hips” and not to worry. I probably should have been more persistent in my questions. The doctor probably thought I wouldn’t understand. Oh well…I truly believe he is the best “hip” doctor at Duke, so I’m not complaining! God has been good to us. I wonder sometimes if the Lord allowed our daughter to have mild hip dysplasia just so we would be prepared and not freak out when our baby boy got strapped up in this contraption. I know everything will be fine.

We left the children’s hospital with handfuls of Spongebob, Dora and Hanna Montana stickers and made our way to the NC Museum of Life and Science, which was close by. Yes, the picture on the butterfly bench was the best pic I got that day. I don’t know why they’re squinting because it wasn’t even sunny. We pitter-pattered around the museum for about 3 hours and then went to lunch with Daddy. The next day EG and AZ had dental appointments. They did perfect. I think the staff was probably taking votes after we left on whether or not I had drugged them. I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. They even got xrays of AZ’s front teeth. He sat so still like a little man! He’s always been good at the dentist. This was his third visit. I can’t say the same for my daughter. A year ago she screamed through her entire appointment. I’m sure other anxious kids in the waiting room thought their worst fears were about to come true.

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EG (4 yrs):

This week we completed week 31 of Sonlight’s p4/5. How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World was a big hit. She was familiar with The Magic School Bus volcano episode, so she recognized some of the stuff in this book. We looked up videos of volcanoes and geysers online. (Don’t you just love the internet? It’s so useful at times!) We also started Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book, which is part of the updated p4/5 core. I had planned on having us read this book over the summer, but since it’s 250 pages long, I felt that we needed to start it now. We LOVED the two stories we read out of this book. The style of writing reminds me somewhat of Beatrix Potter in that it’s written for children, but it’s not written “down” for children. It’s great children’s literature, in my opinion.

For math she worked in her Kumon book and did some “color-by-number” and “dot-to-dot”. We practiced counting by 2’s.

In her reading, she finished Little Bear this week. I happened to also have Father Bear Comes Home from a recent used book sale, so she’s almost done with that one, too. So, I guess we’re taking a little detour off of our Sonlight Readers 1 schedule to do the Little Bear thing. She’s loving it.

We memorized Proverbs 28:13, which says “Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he  who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.” We memorized question 56 of the Baptist Catechism,  which asks what is required in the Second Commandment.

She completed her first lapbook this week (remember she was jealous of her brother’s alphabet notebook). I happened to come upon a free lapbook based on the book The Apple Pie Tree, which I just so happened to have checked out from the library last week. What a coincidence!! She loved it. She would have done the entire thing in one sitting if I had let her. Her magnum opus was the copywork. I had envisoned her doing maybe one line per day. Well, she insisted on doing the whole thing…..on Saturday. I have a few pictures below.

On thursday she got taken out by another teammate on her U5 rugby soccer team during a game. She fell apart and didn’t put herself back together until well over a half hour later. One of her close buddies on the team was all set on defending her: “Who pushed you down?! She got pushed down!!” The whole time she was screaming, I think he was looking to “settle the score”. I don’t think she was really hurt that bad, but she milked it for all it was worth. That cow was definitely dry 45 minutes later.

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AZ (2 yrs):

010 Well, we weren’t “fit-free” this week, but there was improvement over last week. He worked on the letter “B” this week. We completed a page for his alphabet notebook (see pics below). It was so funny. He was sitting on the couch with Daddy showing him his notebook, and he was using his finger to trace the sandpaper “B”. He starts instructing Daddy and says “This is how do it. Start at top and go down. Then lift your finger!! Go back and go towards Mommy!” (Note to self: don’t stand on his left side when he’s writing a “B”.) Of course, he had to point out how he used a “gue kick” (glue stick) on everything. I didn’t expect him to do so well tracing “B’s” with a crayon, but I was surprised at how careful he was. We continued to work on Psalm 1:6 this week. I had said last week that I thought he would only need this week to finish it. Well, he needs another week.

The potty training is slowing progressing. It’s still pretty much an issue of getting him there at the right time. We have one of those potty seats that you put on the toilet so he won’t fall in. However, he prefers to use the little potty on the floor, so the potty seat doesn’t really get used. Well, he discovered a use for it. I heard him in the bathroom singing “I going crazy! I going crazy!” I went to check things out. He was sitting on the little potty with the cushion part of the potty seat on his head. I briefly considered painting it with olive leaves and giving the kid a toga! I’m the one going crazy!

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SA (11 months):

Well, the baby now has to be strapped in his high chair. The problem is that he’s Mr. Nosey Britches. He has to see everything that’s going on. This week I turned around to see him STANDING UP in his high chair. He just had one hand on the back of the chair and he was checking out what was happening in the living room. Oh, and if some of you are wondering if SA escaped hip dysplasia….yes, he did. He had an ultrasound at 2 weeks of age and got an A-OK!



Well, I’m almost crud-free! Woohoo! I’m feeling pretty good, though. I’ve been doing some online shopping for school lately. I bought some art books for next year for kindergarten. I got Evan-Moor’s How to Teach Art to Children and the art primers that Veritas Press recommends. I already have Drawing with Children, although I’m very intimidated about it. I’m going to think about this book long and hard over the summer so I will be prepared to use it come August. I do not plan to or even want to finish these books next year. We’re just going to go slow, dabble here and there, and try to learn some basics.

I also bought Tapestry of Grace Year 1 and preordered Year 2. This is not for next year, of course, but since Lampstand Press is going in the all-digital direction with Tapestry of Grace, I wanted to make sure I got a print copy while they were still available. I figured that if for some reason, TOG doesn’t work out, I should be able to resell the print copies very easily. The digital versions can’t be resold. I’m very excited about our upcoming school year.We’ll be doing two Sonlight cores, p3/4 and core K. I’m restraining myself from ordering them now because I really want to wait until August to start them, and I know I would be tempted to do otherwise if I had them already. I’m waiting until at least after the homeschool conference in May.

This was supposed to be the section about me, and here I am talking about stuff for my kids! Oh well, this was my week!  I’ll  try to have a more exciting life next week. Really, I will!!

Happy Easter to everyone!!