“Daddy, I need to tell you a secret. I think AZ needs a visit from Special Agent Oso.” And so began our last official week of school. Throw in an end-of-season soccer party and a trip to the park, and it all made for a nice week in spite of the fact that Oso never showed up.

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EG(4 yrs):

IMG_0170We completed Sonlight’s p4/5 and Explode the Code book3. Woohoo! We combined some last week and this week so we could finish on Wednesday due to the homeschool conference starting on Thursday. Our last new books were The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit and New Toes for Tia. She really enjoyed the Beatrix Potter stories and did not find them at all soporific, and she responded with alacrity when it came time to read them. I, on the other hand, felt like I needed a dictionary for a few words. New Toes for Tia was another missionary story from Thailand by the same publishers as The Gods Must Be Angry. I love Sonlight for including missionary stories in their cores!

In her reading this week, she read The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto, which is a level 3 reader. It was difficult for her, but she was able to read most of it without help. I guess Sonlight just wanted to throw in a hard reader for the last one just to see how it goes. Well, it went okay, but she’s not ready for level 3 readers as a general rule.

This week she memorized Matthew 18:15 which says “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone.” We’re going to try to put this into practice between her and her brother. (Although, when he does things like throwing a soccer ball at her head at close range, she will probably need reinforcements from the powers that be.) She also memorized question 62 of the Baptist Catechism which asks “What is the reason annexed to the third commandment?”

AZ (2 yrs):

IMG_0131The Z-man did a G page for his alphabet notebook. He will continue his alphabet notebook through the summer. It would break his heart if I told him we weren’t doing preschool. His two G words on his poster were grasshopper and goalie. He’s had fun pointing out the goalie this week in the hockey playoffs. My hubby is torn about which team he should give his loyalty. He went all through school with the coach of the Pittsburg Penguins. At the same time, the Hurricanes are the in-state team. Oh, what to do….. In the meantime, the Z-man gets extra G practice with guh-guh-goalie.

Is my child the only one who feels the need to wear protective gear while they do school? I mean, all I really do is peer at him over the top of my spectacles and whack him on the head with my ruler when he gives the wrong answer. So, I guess that could justify the helmet. But knee pads?? His sister is probably the one who needs the helmet to protect herself from soccer balls flying through the living room. BTW, he is not allowed to play with the soccer ball in the house until next week.

I started a little M&M incentive program on tuesday to encourage him to use the potty. The problem is not that he won’t use the potty, it’s just that he’ll only go if I take him. He takes no intiative whatsoever on getting to the potty on time. He gets an M&M in his “I went potty in the potty” jar when he uses the potty AND he is dry. Anytime he does not “put the potty in the potty”, he loses an M&M. I thought it would be best not to go negative so he wouldn’t, as Anne Shirley would say, fall into the “depths of despair”. He can have any M&M’s that he has accumulated in his jar for a bedtime snack. Tuesday night he had no M&M’s. Wednesday night he had one M&M. So far there hasn’t been any improvement. The only thing that has changed is  “Monny, I wet floor!” has been replaced by “Monny, I lost M&M!”

SA ( 12 months):

He’s a goofball! I usually say that AZ is going to be the death of me, but something tells me the little man is going to outdo his brother. It’s just this look he has in his eyes…..

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I am currently at the NC Homeschool Conference. Fun, fun! I’m blessed to have church family keeping our children for us. While we’ve been away, they’ve been having great fun driving tractors, looking at cows, shopping at the dollar store, feeding a horse, eating popsicles on the porch, and who knows what else. And me? I just went to dinner and didn’t have to cut up anybody’s food! I miss my babies, though…….