We started our week with a birthday party for EG and AZ at the NC Museum of Life and Science.  I don’t think the Z-man quite understood that the party was for him too until he started opening the gifts. We had it in the Lepidoptera Lab above the Butterfly House. However, there weren’t any lepidopterans in our party room,  but only some walking sticks, tadpoles and hissing cockroaches. One walking stick wanted to join the party and escaped from his cage. He was ordered back in his tank by museum staff before the festivities began. EG thought he just wanted some cake.

The cake was a big 12×18  box of crayons made by my friend Susan. It was so cute! The Z-man was so ready to blow his candles out. He was VERY serious about it! After gifts and cake, we all piled into the butterfly house. The butterflies were very active  that day. The star attraction was a beautiful birdwing butterfly (second butterfly picture below). It wouldn’t be still long enough for a good picture. We all had a great time and our guests were able to enjoy the museum.

IMG_0427 IMG_0430 IMG_0450 IMG_0449

EG (5 yrs old):

IMG_0465EG received many fun gifts at her party: Shrinky Dinks, Sum Swamp, dress for her and her baby doll, butterfly crafts & My Little Pony. It was Daddy’s idea to give her an old-fashioned nightgown. (She’s very prissy and she loves nightgowns.) I searched around online until I found exactly what I was looking for–a Little House on the Prairie nightgown and night cap with a matching outfit for her baby doll. I emailed the lady her measurements, and she hemmed it with a double hem so it will fit her now and later. It is so cute. She has slept in it every night. She even wears the night cap that came with it. It just cracks me up!

Her brother received a bug house and a butterfly net. They managed to catch a firefly one night this week. The firefly spent the night in the bug house on the night stand in their room. The next morning she prances into our room in her prairie nightgown and night cap, carrying the bug house. She then proceeds to climb in our bed and observe the prisoner. Sigh. “Do you really have to do that in MY bed?!”

Swimming lessons were a little better this week than last. She didn’t get a slushie until after her Thursday lesson. She wasn’t brave enough on Tuesday. The Z-man was sure to point that out to her: “You not get slushie. You not brave. You not jump. You said ‘No’. You not get slushie.” If they hadn’t been strapped in their car seats, she probably would have smacked him. Oh well, it almost served her right after what she said to him at breakfast that day. More about that in the AZ section.

She completed a pocket for “The Gingerbread Man” in her Literature Pockets: Folktales and Fairy Tales.  She worked on memorizing question 65 of the Baptist Catechism which says “Which day of the seven has God appointed to be the weekly Sabbath?” She also worked on memorizing Psalm 32:5 which says “I acknowledged my sin to you, and I did not cover my iniquity; I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord,” and you forgave the iniquity of my sin.”

A friend loaned us the Uncle Wiggily Game to go along with the Uncle Wiggily book we are reading. We were able to play once this week, and the kids loved it. We were excited to finally see a picture of a skeezick and a pipsisewah on the game board! Those “bad chaps” are mentioned every once in a while in the stories, but the only thing we know about them is that they want to nibble Uncle Wiggily’s ears.

IMG_0471 IMG_0476

AZ (3 yrs old):

IMG_0475Happy Birthday to the Z-man this week! He thinks he can conquer the world now that he’s 3 years old. When I told him this week that he was still too little to open the van door, he said “I not little. I bigger! I three!” I thought some punches were going to be thrown at breakfast on his birthday. For some reason, his sister thought he was supposed to grow a foot overnight and sprout a new head or something. She told him in a very sassy, hands-on-the-hips tone “You can’t be three. You don’t look three. If you’re gonna be three, you better look three!” Oh, that fired him up! “You stop saying that!!! I are three!! Monny, (aka Mommy) she say I not three! WAAAAHHHH!!”

AZ also received some fun gifts at his party: tools, puzzles, a sticker book (his sister is upset that I won’t make him share his sticker book with her), a Playmobil racecar, a Tonka truck, and the already mentioned butterfly net and bug house. We gave him the Busy Bible activity book. Now that he’s three, he will be sitting with us through our church worship service. We started last Sunday. He didn’t do too bad, but he’s much more high maintenance than his sister was at that age.

There is still nothing new to report on Operation Potty Training. Absolutely nothing. Actually I’m thinking that I should be the one eating the M&M’s. Afterall, I’m the one who is solely responsible for getting him to the potty.

The picture below is curtesy of my friend Audrey. It’s nice, isn’t it?


SA (13 months):

Little man is starting to do some cruising. It won’t be much longer and he’ll be walking. I’m sorry to report that the only picture I took of Little Man all week was of him passed out in his car seat on the way home from the party. He was wore out. The other picture I had to swipe from my friend Tony’s facebook page. (Hope you don’t mind, Tony!)

IMG_0461 samparty


Last friday I went to the Mom’s Coffee Connection at a nearby church. The topic was meal planning. Oh, how I needed this! I could probably stand a few sessions of meal planning instruction. Well, I did very well this week. The lady had made a suggestion that she found in a cookbook of using themes to plan a menu. The themes were Comfort Food, Italian, Mexican, Seafood/Meatless, Pizza Night, Grill Night and Family Traditions. I still have the last two themes left for this weekend. Also, my husband had just bought 10 pounds of ground beef from Sam’s Club. I made an extra meatloaf for the freezer. I prepared patties for 3 meals + leftovers of Salisbury steak and froze them. I made at least 3 meals worth + leftovers of spaghetti sauce. And I still have two pounds left in the freezer that I haven’t touched. I also cleaned out the pantry today and took stock of what I have.  Go me!