“I’m an artist, not a cook!” was the response I got Friday morning from my 5 yr old  when I asked her what she was going to make for breakfast. Oh well, I tried.

EG (5 yrs old):

EG finished up week 22 of Sonlight’s Core K. We’re really enjoying In Grandma’s Attic! We also spent some time reading about various inventions and other advances after World War II. In Science K, we read about how scientists study things and do experiments. We also floated an egg in salt water.

In Rod & Staff Math 1, EG continued to review the 5 family. She’ll start the 6 family next week. She did great on her speed drill yesterday. She finished all but one problem in the one minute time limit. She was so proud of herself. It was remarkable that she was able to do so well considering the fact that Little Man was standing there screaming the whole time because he wanted to grab her pencil. She persevered!! I included a pic of her work.

In reading, EG finished Explode the Code Book 5, read a couple of readers (Greg’s Microscope and Hill of Fire), and read from the ESV Bible. We’re also continuing to work very slowly through the last lessons of The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading. The lessons are currently about common prefixes and suffixes. Some of the words that we looked at this week were illegal, illegible, talkative, and antiseptic.

In her memory work this week, EG memorized Acts 17:25, which says “And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything, because he himself gives all men life and breath and everything else.” and question 90 of the Baptist Catechism.

I also included some artwork this week from the self-proclaimed artist. It’s her version of Little Man’s sock monkey.

AZ (3 yrs old):

The Z-man had a great week! Operation Potty Training had some improvements. He had a much better attitude this week. He was even dry three or four days this week when he woke up in the morning, and he also went straight to the potty without being told on those mornings! We still have a long ways to go, but I am very encouraged. (As an aside, the Z-man asked for three helpings of scrambled eggs for supper one night. Hey! Wait a minute!!! Who is this child and what have you done with my son??!!)

The Z-man did a little bit of work in his Get Ready for the Code book this week. He’s been working on identifying the f sound at the beginning of words. He also played starfall.com every day while his sister did her school.

He did great at memorization this week. He now knows Exodus 20:2-3 (the preface and 1st commandment), and, in spite of what I said last week about him needing some time to learn it, he can say Baptist catechism question 8 with minimal help! We’ll start working on question 9 next week.

I also included some artwork by the Z-man this week. This work is entitled “Camel Got Out of His Cage” and it features a man falling off a camel, a flower, a growing rainbow, and some mountains. Of course, that is all obvious from the picture. 🙂

SA (21 months):

Well, Little Man grew up a little this week. He got a big boy toddler bed last weekend. He’s been very excited about his new bed. His siblings have been downright giddy about it. He took his naps in it all week and spent the night in it Thursday night for the first time. It’s been going really well. We had to make a couple minor adjustments to put his legs back on the bed while he was sleeping. He also woke up around 3 AM or so crying and standing near his bed. Daddy put him back in the bed and he slept until 8AM this morning. He seems so little to be in a big boy bed, but we wanted him to be in a new bed some time before the new baby arrives. We don’t want him to think he’s being kicked out of his crib. He’ll be sharing his room with the baby.

Little Man is at that age….the 18-24 month range…..where he wants to be included in everything. Actually, it may be more accurate to say that he wants to take over everything. I remember having the same problem with the Z-man at that age. He didn’t want things like what his sister had; he wanted what his sister had. I’m having the same problem with Little Man. School time in the morning is usually crazy. As soon as EG sits down at the table, he is pulling up his little wooden chair to the table. He doesn’t just observe; he wreaks havoc. He climbs up and starts grabbing everything in reach. This may include the paper she is writing on or the pencil in her hand…or the pencil box….or the math teacher’s manual…. Of course, I have to take these things away from him. His world collapses. He screams. I try to distract him with some crayons and paper. This lasts for a couple of minutes. He doesn’t want to color if no one else is doing the same thing. I then try to get him involved in his legos or some Lauri pegs, but he doesn’t want to play by himself.  The problem isn’t limited to schooltime, but it involves any time anyone does anything at the table. I or EG can be playing on the floor with him with his Lego Duplo blocks, but the instant the Z-man has his Legos at the table, Little Man is running in the kitchen and pushing his little wooden chair to the table. And then we all know how it goes. He’s grabbing little Lego pieces and the Z-man is crying and Legos are falling on the floor. And then I–great with child–am stuck picking up tiny pieces off the floor. You get the picture. It ain’t pretty.  Sigh. I’m not saying all of this to ask for a solution. We try to solve this problem on a day-by-day basis. One thing that keeps me from getting very discouraged about it is the fact that I know this is a phase. It will pass. He’s just not old enough to understand the principle of “you do this while Mommy does this and then we’ll do what you want to do.” Of course, even when I’m frustrated with him, all he has to do is flash his big goofy grin. It’s irresistible….and I think he knows it!


I had a good report at the doctor. No gestational diabetes! Woohoo! I still had to have blood drawn again for another liver function test. You know you’ve been stuck one too many times when you’re on a first name basis with the lab lady at a large OB practice. I’m starting to feel like a charter member at the lab. I told her that I at least deserved a lollipop.