Well, we survived another week. It turned out to be warmer than expected last Saturday, so the roads weren’t icy. Three minutes after leaving the house, the serpentine belt went out in the van. Fortunately, we made it back home. AAA towed the van to the shop, and we shoved all three car seats in the station wagon and tried to continue with our day. It could have been much worse, so I really don’t have much to complain about.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we joined Netflix. Well, we have really enjoyed it so far. It has put a little variety into the kids’ movie nights. Tonight was Horton Hears a Who!. We’ve also had The Best of the Electric Company. It has several discs, so we’ve only seen the first one so far. Boy, did that bring back some memories! And the kids loved it! And speaking of movie nights, the Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper I bought us for Christmas has been the best ever. Until now, my entire home popcorn experience has only involved microwave popcorn. Well, there’s no turning back now, baby!

EG (5 yrs old):

EG completed week 24 of Kindergarten. We finished up In Grandma’s Attic as part of Sonlight’s Core K. Next week we start The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. She is very excited about that! Her history this week focused on different styles of dress and food and how these have changed over the years.

In Sonlight’s Science K, we finally generated our rainbow sugar from our evaporation experiment from last week. Our experiments this week dealt with wet and dry foods. We collapsed a tower of sugar cubes by having them absorb water, and we started an experiment where we placed dry bread and wet bread into plastic bags. We’re supposed to observe how wet foods tend to spoil easily. I’ll try to post pics of moldy bread next week! Be sure to tune in! It’s so funny when we do science experiments because EG practically has the entire Discover & Do DVD (which demonstrates all of the experiments for the year) memorized. She likes to watch it for entertainment. So, I don’t even really need to look at the book. When I got the sugar cubes out, she proceeded to tell me exactly what we were going to be doing and what the result was supposed to be. Once I had the bags labeled for the moldy bread experiment, she authoritatively says “Now be sure you put them in a warm place!” Yes, Ma’am!

EG went a little crazy in reading this week. She read four readers: Daniel’s Duck, Amelia Bedelia, Nate the Great, and Frog and Toad Together. That was supposed to be four weeks worth of reading in our Sonlight schedule. I guess I’d better be thinking about ordering the next level of books! Fortunately, I just received a coupon from Sonlight. Woohoo!! In The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading, we’re still trying to finish the last few lessons. Some of them are quite difficult for her, especially the ones that deal with words that originate from the French. For example, this week she looked at words like pique, grotesque, and picturesque. EG finds sounding out multi-syllable words rather exasperating at times. And yes, exasperating, was one of the words she had to sound out today!

In art this week, we read a book called Degas and The Little Dancer about Edgar Degas. We spent some time online looking at pictures–especially the ones with ballerinas!– painted by Degas. We also worked together on a project using positive and negative shapes. We’re planning on hanging it over her bed.

This week, EG memorized Psalm 103:13-14 which says “As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him; for He knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust.” She also started memorizing question 92 of John Piper’s Baptist Catechism, which asks “What does God require of us, that we may escape his wrath and curse, due to us for sin?” I knew that I had some issues with the upcoming section of the catechism, but I didn’t realize it started with this question. It’s mainly an issue of whether or not the ordinances convey grace in some way. So I put on the brakes this week in her catechism memorization. I’m going to be substituting some of the questions/answers from a catechism by Charles Spurgeon. We should start again on Monday.

EG did much better this week in her Swim&Gym class at the Y. A couple of her friends who weren’t able to come last week were there, so I think that helped her bashfulness. Also, in the pool, her friend let her borrow her goggles near the end of class, and as a result, EG did a much better job putting her face in the water. She does own a pair of goggles, so we’ll be bringing those next week!

AZ (3 yrs old):

The Z-man is still doing well in Operation Potty Training. He had no accidents this week and only woke up wet one morning.He even told us he needed to go potty a few times, which is a BIG improvement! I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

In school, the Z-man has been plugging away in Get Ready for the Code (phonics).  I included a picture of one page he did this week, as well as another page he did in one of his other workbooks. He also did some cutting in his Kumon workbook this week. He does rather well at cutting. The only time he has problems is when the instructions have him cutting something out as if he were left-handed–like cutting out a circle clockwise. Then I hear “I having trouble!!!” So, I just send him cutting in the other direction. There’s no need to make things more difficult than they need to be!

In Scripture memorization, he continued to work on the second commandment. Hopefully, he’ll have it down in another week. He finished memorizing question 9 of the Baptist Catechism which asks “Are there more Gods than one?” The answer is very short: “There is only one living and true God”. Sometimes he says it perfectly and other times he starts saying something similar to the first commandment. Oh well, they are related, are they not?! So we’re going to move on and just keep reviewing.

I have to take the boys to their sister’s Swim&Gym class. It can be hard for the Z-man to just watch the gym part and not be able to participate. The program starts at age 5. The pool part doesn’t bother him so much because he has his own swim lessons twice a week.  (He’s doing great, by the way!) Anyways, he was doing well this week until they started playing a soccer-type game and the ball came near where we were sitting. His face just fell. He was trying not to fall apart, but he started crying. One of the teachers had pity on him and asked him if he wanted to play with the kids. I think her biggest concern was that he would get trampled. Well, the Z-man goes out there and scores a goal in the first two seconds. I hadn’t told them that he came out of the womb kicking a ball! All the older boys on his team were telling him how much “he rocked”. He was beaming!! He’ll be able to start soccer in August, and I know he’s going to have a blast!

SA (21 months old):

Little Man isn’t feeling so hot at the moment. On wednesday he threw up in the car. Sigh. The peanut gallery was quick to offer their two cents on the matter. “Mommy, you were driving too fast!” “Mommy, you fed him too much for breakfast!!” And my favorite, “I guess he thinks he’s on a trip!” (My children have a penchant for throwing up in the car on long trips.) I was hoping any of those three suggestions were the actual reasons for his sickness. Anything but a stomach bug! Unfortunately, he’s been having problems out the other end since Thursday, so maybe he does have a stomach bug. He also hasn’t been eating well and he’s running a low-grade fever. Ugghh. On a good note, I taught him the sign for ‘water’ today. (I definitely wasn’t going to give him any milk to drink!) So, he’s been saying “wa-wa” all day and trying to do the sign.  Just trying to look on the bright side. I know it’s a stretch.

Little Man so needs a hair cut. He’s starting to get the crazy head. Today at lunch I caught some of his hair while I was fastening on his bib. He was none too happy with me! The boy’s going to be injured if I don’t do something soon! We’ll try tomorrow if he’s feeling better. And hopefully he will behave!


Just call me Mrs. Braxton-Hicks! Contractions here, contractions there, contractions, contractions everywhere! Just enough to be annoying! On wednesday, our praise team ministered at a local nursing home. I let the residents give their predictions on whether we’re having a boy or a girl. Well, it was split right down the middle! I guess we’ll know soon enough!