We have had a very busy summer! It has flown by! We went to Michigan in June. At the time there was so much uncertainty about Doodlebug’s surgery that we decided to take our vacation while we had the chance. I included a few pictures from our beach day.

We had family pictures made this summer. It went well for everyone except for Little Man. We all filed in the portrait studio room. Little Man stood in the door and took a good look-see around the room. He then ran back into the waiting room and sat down in a chair. We had to go retrieve him. He had decided he was going to have no part in whatever was about to happen. At least he wasn’t crying in the pictures. That’s about all I can say.

Last week was soccer camp for Miss Sassafras and the Z-man. It was close to 100 degrees each day! I don’t see how they made it through.  They never complained about the heat. They’d take a water break and I’d tell them “Be tough! Be tough!”, all the while I was sitting under the shade trees drinking my lemonade. I thought I was going to melt into a puddle just walking out to the van to go home! I only took a few pics.

This week was Doodlebug’s surgery. I’ve written more about it in her section below. Normally we would start school the first week in August, but I’ve decided that I need that week to get Doodlebug (and myself) adjusted to life in her cast. Tentative school start date: August 9th.

Sassafras (6 yrs):

Well my baby girl lost another tooth! It’s a good thing because I was about to tote her off to the dentist. The permanent tooth had already started coming in.

Miss Sassafras has been taking swim lessons this summer. She is finally starting to swim on her own! I am so proud of her!

This week she was in vacation bible school. She was giddy about it all week. The topic was Hidden Treasure and covered the parables about God’s Kingdom. She loved the craft part. She was absolutely ecstatic about this little wooden treasure chest they painted. Even before VBS, she was always collecting little things and calling them her treasure. So you can imagine how excited she was about making her own treasure chest. The Z-man has become rather jealous of it. I see a trip to Michaels or Hobby Lobby in the near future.

Z-man (4 yrs):

The Potty Monster has raised its ugly little head again. I don’t understand!!!! We’re going backwards!!

The Z-man has also been in swim lessons this summer. He’s not swimming yet, but he’s very comfortable in the water. We’re taking a break from swim lessons during the month of August while Doodlebug is in her cast. He will be starting soccer in a week or so.

Little Man (2 yrs):

Little Man had a speech evaluation earlier this month. He’s a little behind in “expressive language”. Speech therapy was recommended, and I’m still waiting on a call back to start that whole process. He’s been trying to talk a good bit lately. He’s starting to talk more than gesture. We just can’t understand what he’s saying most of the time. I’m thankful we’ve taught him some sign language.

Doodlebug (4 months):

The Lord gives his grace and mercy so abundantly. This week Doodlebug had her hip surgery. Everything went so wonderfully well. In this post I thought I would just walk through our surgery day. I’m writing this not only so my family and friends can hear about it, but also for those parents out there whose child might be facing this type of procedure.

We arrived at the Duke Children’s Hospital at 6:30 on Wednesday morning. I wasn’t allowed to feed her after 2:30 AM, so I was really concerned about how fussy she was going to be. But in answer to many prayers, the Lord was so gracious to allow her not to cry AT ALL during the entire time at the hospital! She was fitted into a little hospital gown and given little grippy socks to wear. (I guess they didn’t want her to slip if she tried to run away :).) The doctor came in and initialed her left hip, and shortly afterwards, the nurse anesthetist came and carried her away to surgery around 8:30 AM. Even though I wasn’t with her at the time, I know that when she got to the operating room, they gave her some gas to put her to sleep. Once she was asleep they put in an IV and gave her an epidural. About an hour later we received a call that they had started surgery, the closed reduction had failed, and they were going to do an open reduction. At 11:15 she was in recovery. The doctor came and explained everything that he had done. He said she only lost one drop of blood. He said if she was doing well later in the day, then she would be able to go home. The anesthesiologist said they didn’t have to give her any additional opiate pain medicine in her epidural. In other words,  everything went really well.

I thought I would cry when I first saw her in her spica cast, but when we got back to recovery, she was all covered up with blankets and was sound asleep. So, I was able to keep myself together. She slept for FOUR HOURS in recovery. During that time, moleskin was applied to the edges of her cast, and we even fitted her into the special carseat that would be loaned to us. I saw half an eyeball during the carseat fitting and that was it. Once she woke up I was able to feed her and shortly afterwards she was unhooked from everything and we were able to leave. The most upsetting thing to me during the whole day was the ‘stoned’ look on her face after I fed her. It was very disconcerting. That’s when the tears came. It didn’t help that at the same time I was getting discharge information. Doodlebug continued to be drowsy and slept most of the evening. When it was time for her pain medicine that night she started throwing up and then quickly fell asleep again. So, we had to skip the pain medicine. However, we all got through the first night okay, and I was able to give her regular tylenol in the middle of the night. Since surgery we’ve had a couple more vomiting issues and some fever, but she’s doing much better now.

Through all of this Doodlebug has been a real trooper. She’s been a little cranky, but she still smiles a good bit. On friday I could tell that she was trying to move her legs. Her feet were just wiggling. She didn’t seem too frustrated. That may come later. Since we’ve been home, we have fitted her into our strollers and have tried to find some clothes that fit. We’re still working on finding stuff for her to wear. Her brother’s t-shirts have come in handy. The diapering has been the most challenging. I’ve been working with a combo of press-n-seal wrap, feminine pads, and two sizes of diapers. We’ve managed to keep the cast dry so far, but I’ve been peed on twice. One problem is that a diapering combo that might work while she’s propped on her back does not work when she’s propped on her side. We’ll keep working on it…. Although, I will say that the Press-n-seal wrap has been the one thing that has kept the cast from getting wet. Last night I also bought her colorful kneesocks, cut the feet out, and put them over her legs. You know, leggings are really in style these days. So now she’s really hip! 🙂 Let the foot wigglin’ begin! 41 days until her cast change!


I’m trying to learn how to diaper a baby in a body cast. That is my life at the moment. Actually, I do have a few other things going on. I’m still taking guitar lessons. I’m currently learning how to play in second position. Although it’s been rather difficult, “Turkey in the Straw” is starting to sound recognizable…..my turkey is kinda slow, though…..okay….very slow…. I’m also practicing Travis picking.