Week two has been completed!  It consisted of mummies, lemurs, a talking belly, and rugelach. The chaos seemed a little better this week….or maybe I’m just getting used to it. I’ve accepted the fact that being exhausted at the end of the day is probably going to be the norm rather than the exception. Soccer practice is supposed to start next week for Sassafras and Z-man. Maybe I’ll get my second wind.

Sassafras (6 yrs old):

Miss Sassafras has been a real trooper this week. She says she loves the first grade! In history we continued to study Egypt in Tapestry of Grace. We read about the pyramids, Pharaohs, and mummies. We also started incorporating some of the life of Moses. She loved looking at the Great Pyramids of Giza and the sphinx with the satellite view of google maps. (There is also a live webcam on the pyramids of Giza, but it hasn’t been updated since last Sunday. I assume this is due to Ramadan.) By the way, she loves the word “sphinx”! She said, “Sphinx. Sphinx. That’s a neat word! Sphinx!” We thought the Google satellite view was the coolest until Daddy introduced us to Google Earth. LOVED IT!! TOO COOL!! We went all around the Sphinx and the pyramids with Google Earth. We even looked at the Step Pyramid that’s supposed to be one of the first ones built. In my spare time, (Actually I have no spare time. This was time when I should have been sleeping!) I looked up the Colosseum in Italy, the Eiffel Tower, Mount Everest, and the Great Wall of China. I totally got sucked in! Anyways, back to Sassafras. I bought her the book Ralph Masiello’s Ancient Egypt Drawing Book, which she used to draw pyramids, hieroglyphs, Pharaoh’s double crown, and King Tutankhamen. We spent some time looking at a book called Egypt: 4000 Years of Art that we checked out from the library. She became interested in a gold necklace that was made with hieroglyph symbols. One of the symbols was the symbol of life, and once she could identify it, she would point it out every chance she got. On her own, without any prompting from me, she designed a drawing that included a cross-section of a pyramid with hieroglyphs, including the symbol of life. She also added a coffin like the ones earlier mummies were buried in and included an eye on the side so the mummy could look out. This was something we had read about in one of her  books. I asked her if she would like to label her hieroglyphs so we could know what they symbolized, and she said “No, I’m not going to label them because this is not school. I just did it by myself.” So there you have it. I included the picture. No labels!

In math, Sassafras continued to work on the 8 addition family in Rod & Staff and worked on number  bonds for 6-10 in Singapore Math. Math went much better this week. I added “Diligence in Math” to her sticker/chore chart this week and that has been a real motivator.  Yes, stickers have power. Kinda like cheese. In language arts, she completed the four lessons in Writing With Ease, three lessons in First Language Lessons, and All About Spelling. We’re still trying to get going on spelling. Frankly, we could probably start in the middle of the book, but I want to go through each step in the beginning just to be complete and thorough. So, everything we’re doing in spelling is still preliminary in nature.

In science, she continued to study mammals. She completed notebook pages about Asian elephants, ring-tailed lemurs, and bottlenose dolphins for her animal notebook. We’ve decided that it’s best for me to write her answers for the notebook pages on the whiteboard and then she copies them.

Miss Sassafras is still working on piano. She finally made it to middle C position this week with the song “Old MacDonald”. Piano practice first thing in the morning is working out well. It would never happen if we moved it to the afternoon. In music, she and Z-man also watched Melody Lane and learned about the percussion instruments. Z-man asked if he could have some cymbals. Uh….no. What about a triangle? Possibly. Art consisted of looking at the Egyptian Art book and the drawings that she did for history. We had planned to do some more with primary & secondary colors, but it just didn’t happen this week.

Z-man (4 yrs old):

Potty Monster is still on the rampage. Uggggghhhhh!

The Z-man had a good week in school. He finished Get Set For the Code (phonics). He’ll start the last primer book, Go for the Code, next week. He did a couple of pages in Singapore Earlybird Math each day, practiced counting to twenty, and worked on identifying the number 11. He also practiced writing his name every day. He completed week 2 of Sonlight’s p4/5. I loved The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book when I went through it with Sassafras two years ago, and I still love it the second time around! The Z-man also hung around and listened to some of his sister’s history. He tried to draw some Egyptian stuff, but then ditched it for Star Wars figures. I included a pic of that purple chick from the Clone Wars. I have no idea…..I just know that her picture is on the side of his Star Wars tent. The tent comes out a lot. This week he decided to let Doodlebug in the tent with him. It won’t be long and Doodlebug will be drawing the ugly, purple lady from the Clone Wars. Sniff.

In memorization, the Z-man started working on Hebrews 13:16 which says “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have.” I think we’ll get some good, immediate use out of this verse! He continued to work on question 16 of the Baptist Catechism that I mentioned last week. It’s long…so it’s gonna be awhile. I took a video of him saying Psalm One. He wimped out in Sunday School last Sunday and wouldn’t say it. Sassafras said he was too nervous. So I recorded him. I had to help him some. He knows it pretty well, but he usually doesn’t have the attention span to get through it!

I think the boy is addicted to peanut butter and jelly. One day this week when we were having pizza for lunch, he said…no, excuse me…he whined, “But my belly said it wanted peanut butter jelly sandwich!” I told him that Mommy doesn’t take orders from his belly. Eat your pizza.

Little Man (2 yrs old):

Oh, Little Man! I decided that while Sassafras works on her math independently, I would use  that time to work with Little Man on learning shapes and colors and putting together puzzles. We moved all of his reading time to right before naptime. When Sassafras and the Z-man were two years old, I started a poster with them that contained a letter, number, shape, color, etc. It just seems weird to do that with Little Man since he doesn’t talk very well. Maybe I’ll end up doing it anyway and see what happens. However, we did work on shapes this week, and  he could identify a circle, square, triangle, heart and star 95% of the time. We also worked on the color yellow. It’s still too early to know if he “knows” yellow, but he can consistently match it. For example, he was able to pick out all the yellow legos. So, we’ll see how it goes. He’s very attentive…..even more so than his brother.

Today he had another speech evaluation through CDSA of North Carolina. He did great for his evaluation and failed miserably. Well, let me rephrase…..his evaluation revealed that his expressive language is around 12 months. I personally don’t think it’s that bad, but then again I’m not a speech pathologist. However, he did great in that he was very attentive and actually TALKED! For his first speech evaluation, he said absolutely nothing. He scored higher than his age in receptive language, which means that he has no problems understanding. He also passed his hearing test. So, the good news is that he qualifies for speech therapy through CDSA. This is great for us because the therapist will come to our home for his therapy sessions until he is three years old. Also, sometime soon he will have an evaluation from an occupational therapist. All of this should start within the next 30 days. The speech pathologist today gave him a good prognosis for overcoming his speech problems.

Doodlebug (5 months):

Houston, we have a problem! Today I noticed a soft spot in Doodlebug’s cast right at her hip joint on her bad leg. And then I noticed that I could wiggle her leg a little bit. This is not good. Ugh. Of course, our doctor’s nurse would have to be on vacation this week, and today happens to be a surgery day for our doctor. After a series of unreturned pages to the doctor and the pediatric orthopedic resident on call at the hospital, I finally got someone at the office to get the ball rolling. We go to the clinic Tuesday to assess the damages and I guess try to fix things. However, if things get worse between now and then we have to go to the ER. I really don’t want to do that. Sigh.

On a good note, Doodlebug is doing great! She’s happy most of the time and sleeps well at night.


This week I practiced saying “Tutankhamen” and traveled the world with Google Earth. I had a guitar lesson that went well. I’m almost done with the second book in the Mel Bay series! Go me! I’m taking a break from playing at church while Doodlebug is in her cast.

This week I baked the last of the rugelach that I had stashed in the freezer at Christmas. Yum. Yum. Here’s a link to the recipe. Try it with blackberry jam, too!