Week 3 is complete with most of my boxes checked! We ended it with a field trip to the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh. When we approached the information desk, the lady said in a polite voice, “I’m assuming they’re here for something.” After a second, I realized she was talking about the children. She then asked me if they would be walking around with me. “Uhh….yes.” “OK, do you know your way around?” “No, I do not.” “OK, here’s a map. We don’t have much for children.” Right. Thank you. It saddened me to know that she thought children could get little out of an art museum.  Well, in spite of what she thought, we had a great time! In addition to the last three weeks being devoted to Egypt in our history studies, I had checked out an old museum guide from the library, so we had already read about some of the exhibits at the museum. This made all the difference! We stayed for a couple of hours and checked out the Egyptian, Classical, Judaic, and African art. The guards were a little stuffy and didn’t even want the children touching the wooden display cases for the sculptures. Kinda like not touching the walls because they hold the paintings. I swear I saw one guard calling for backup when one woman walked in with about 8 kids….well-behaved kids at that! I’m glad we left Little Man with a friend for the day. He probably would have given a guard a heart attack! Before we left we bought an overpriced Egyptian coffin pencil tin and an Usborne book on Ancient Rome, and then we headed to lunch at Chick-Fil-A in Cary. We probably could have found a more unique place to eat, but all businesses in Cary are completely disguised with trees with their signs low to the ground. I’m surprised we even found what we did. I was proud of myself when I spotted a Jiffy Lube hidden in the bushes. You can play a game of “I spy a business” in Cary and have loads of fun! Cary reminds me of an old episode of the X-Files in which Scully and Mulder pose as a married couple and move into a neighborhood that is tightly controlled by the homeowner’s association. When anyone breaks the rules…like painting their mailbox the wrong color….a big hairy monster comes out and destroys them. That hairy monster’s twin brother lives in Cary, NC. He keeps the town in order. I’m sure of it.

Sassafras (1st Grade):

Miss Sassafras had a full week of school. We finished up Egypt in Tapestry of Grace. This week we focused on the gods and goddesses of Egypt and the exodus of the Israelites. She completed booklets on the flora and fauna of Egypt and the ten plagues for her lapbook. In science, she finished up mammals with marsupials and started on birds. She completed sheets on a kangaroo, a hummingbird, and an emperior penguin for her animal notebook. Did you know that emperor penguins are around four feet tall!! I had no idea! Miss Sassafras used a tape measure to show that she’s shorter than an emperor penguin.

In math this week, Sassafras started the nine addition family in R&S math. She also practiced number bonds for the 6-10 families. In language arts, we kicked spelling into high gear this week. She finished all of the CVC words. So far spelling has been a no-brainer for her. I have a feeling we will be in level 2 of All About Spelling pretty soon. Narration in Writing With Ease is going okay. She tends to add too much detail and, at times, she embellishes what the passage actually says. We’re getting there.

In art this week (Yay! We got to art!), we talked more about secondary colors and color gradation. We will probably talk about color for several weeks. How to Teach Art to Children has many nice activities on the subject. In music, she watched the episode of Melody Lane about the brass family. She and the Z-man have also been listening to Berstein Favorites:  Children’s Classics, which includes Peter and the Wolf, The Carnival of the Animals, and The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.

Miss Sassafras worked on memorizing Hebrews 11:6 and Romans 12:1-2. She also worked on question 106 of the Baptist Catechism which answers the question “What is the Lord’s Supper?” The answer is “The Lord’s Supper is a holy ordinance of the church. By eating bread and drinking the cup according to Christ’s appointment we show forth his death. Those who eat and drink in a worthy manner partake of Christ’s body and blood, not physically, but spiritually in that by faith they are nourished with the benefits he purchased, and grow in grace.” We also finished the first unit in Apologia’s Who Is God? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book!

Soccer practice started this week. Our soccer association is doing away with coed teams for the younger kids starting this season. Her new soccer coach is of the “drop and give me twenty” variety. I think the structure will be good for Sassafras. She seems pumped about it right now, anyway.

Sassafras also had her first nosebleed this week. I have no idea what caused it.  The Z-man is usually the one with the nosebleeds. Well, you can imagine the commotion it caused. It happened while she was in the shower. Unfortunately, once she saw the blood, she didn’t stay in the shower.

Z-man (K4):

Can I get a potty monster exterminator please? Anyone?

The Z-man started the last Explode the Code primer this week for phonics. I can’t believe he’ll be starting reading lessons soon. The thought of it just makes me  tired. Oh well. We’ll get there! The Z-man worked in Singapore Earlybird Math and Building Thinking Skills every day. He also continued practicing counting to twenty. We completed week 3 of Sonlight’s p4/5.

The Z-man usually tries the handwriting portion in Explode the Code. Although he’s getting better, he is often completely lost when he needs to write a letter all by himself without tracing. Well, this week he brought me a picture that he colored, and he had copied the words at the bottom of the page. I was so proud of him! I included the picture.

The Z-man has finally learned how to pump his legs on the swings. That’s a great accomplishment for a kid! He also started soccer this week. He’s been waiting for two years to play soccer! It should be a fun season!

Little Man (2 yrs):

Little Man should be starting speech therapy in the near future. I hope we get some results. He spent the day with our friend today while we were at the museum. I found out that he said nothing all day. He’s quite the Chatty Kathy at home. I think it’s going to make a world of difference that his therapy will be in our home and not somewhere else.

In Little Man Preschool, we worked on shapes and colors. He knows a square, circle, triangle, heart, star, and diamond. We worked on yellow and red with the legos. I think next week we’ll break out Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Doodlebug (5 months):

Doodlebug’s spica cast is still intact since I discovered it softening up last week. After speaking to our doctor’s nurse, she said the cast would most likely be okay. I can tell she’s growing by her chubby ankles sticking out the bottom. Her cast may look like capri pants by the time she has it changed!


Well, in addition to orchestrating all of the above, I mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned the bathrooms, and dusted the master bedroom this week. Guitar practice was still lacking….I’ll try again next week…. I did manage to get a nap last Sunday afternoon. It was nice while it lasted. However, being awakened by Sassafras shoving her drawing of Queen Nefertiti in my face was not ideal. That’s enough to scare anyone! I think it’s time to “go out of the land of Egypt”!