Four weeks down and 32 to go! Week 4 included gigantic pink flamingos, rodent skulls, pushups, chocolate, duct tape and centuplets.

Sassafras (1st grade):

In Tapestry of Grace history this week, Sassafras studied creation through the flood. She drew pictures of each day of creation for her lapbook. I included the picture for day 7, which is supposed to be of the completed creation (apparently sans the land animals!). Of particular interest is the large flamingo towering over Eve, who happens to be decked out in pink from head to toe! I also included the Noah’s Ark booklet she made for her lapbook.

Math was math this week. She’s still plugging along in Rod & Staff Math 1 and trying to memorize addition and subtraction facts. Language arts went pretty well this week. She worked on spelling words with ending blends, such as tent, lamp, milk, etc. Her narration this week in Writing With Ease had a rough start, but was much better the second time around. She is currently reading Riding the Pony Express and the Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 1. We started Homer Price as a read-aloud this week.

In science this week, she studied birds and fish. We started the week by dissecting an owl pellet. You know…regurgitated fur and bones from an owl’s supper. I plopped the furry thing on a paper plate in front of her. She thought I was crazy! I poked around at it with some plastic utensils until I discovered the skull of a rodent. At that point, I had a brilliant idea! What an excellent opportunity for daddy to participate in his daughter’s science education! Wasn’t that so thoughtful of me?! Well, Daddy stepped up to the plate! We discovered that our owl had eaten a couple of rodents, one quite a bit bigger than the other. You can see the pieces of the two skulls in the bottom left of the picture. Feel free to click on the picture to make it larger…..or not! Haha!

In art this week, we read a couple pages from The Usborne Introduction to Art.  We talked about contrasting colors, a concept that she really didn’t understand. Apparently, I can’t explain it very well. And finally we fiddled with some ‘drawing from graphics’ in Drawing With Children. I had her choose an animal to copy in the  book Song of Creation that we used in history with Tapestry of Grace. She chose a grazing horse. I walked her through it the best I could. I think she did great! We still have a long way to go, so I think we’ll stay in the area of drawing with graphics for many months. She can identify the elements of shape pretty well, but getting them down on her paper is another issue. In music, Sassafras and the Z-Man watched the episode about the woodwind family in Melody Lane. She also faithfully practiced piano every day. This week we introduced the time signature. Next week she’ll start learning to read notes on the staff. She looked ahead at the treble clef sign and the notes and said, “Wow! This looks like the hymnal at church!” It just warmed my heart!

We started chapter 2 of Apologia’s Who is God? this week. I know I’ve said it before but I want to say it again. I LOVE this book! The chapter is entitled “How Can I Know What’s True?” In scripture memorization, Sassafras memorized 1 Peter 1:8 which says “And though you have not seen him, you love him. And though you do not see him now, but  believe in him, you greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.” She also worked on question 107 of the Baptist Catechism which asks “What is required of the worthy receiving of the Lord’s Supper?” The answer is “It is required of those who would worthily (that is, suitably) partake of the Lord’s Supper that they examine themselves–of their knowledge, that they discern the Lord’s body; their faith, that they feed upon him; and their repentance, love, and new obedience; lest, coming unworthily, they eat and drink judgment to themselves.”

Sassafras had a small meltdown at soccer practice last weekend. I mentioned last week that her coach was of the “drop and give me twenty” variety. Well, Sassafras had to drop and give her “five” for touching the ball with her hands during the drills. Of course, she was embarrassed. So we had the conversation about doing hard things, being disciplined, accepting consequences, and at times, laughing at ourselves.  She made it through the next practice with flying colors.

Z-Man (K4):

The Z-Man is still plugging away in the Explode the Code phonics primers. He was on the letter L this week. In math he worked on writing the numbers 1-4 and counting to 20. We also completed week 4 of Sonlight’s p4/5. In memorization, he worked on Proverbs 19:20 which says “Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.” He also continued to work on question 16 of the Baptist Catechism.

I actually succeeded in getting the Z-Man to take a nap two times this week. I really believe his lack of sleep is the reason the potty monster has reared it’s ugly little head. This week has been somewhat better. He has gone four days in a row now without an accident (except for at night). Of course, his reward was a bedtime snack each night, and two of those nights we had brownies. Behold the power of chocolate!

The Z-Man is really enjoying soccer so far. I think his games start next weekend. I finally made it to one of his practices this week. He’s actually pretty good! Dribbling is his strong point!

Little Man (2 yrs old):

Little Man continued to work on his colors and shapes this week. During reading time, he is currently preferring touch & feel type books. He also feels the urge to act out certain animals….without fail….every time we get to them in the books…..cats, rabbits, frogs, and pigs….He wants me to have the appropriate page open while he demonstrates.

While this week was fairly uneventful for Little Man, next week he will be busy, busy. He has an occupational therapy evaluation and his first speech therapy session.

Doodlebug (5 months):

Doodlebug is still hanging on in her spica cast! However, the cast is having trouble hanging on to her! I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that her cast was softening some on her left leg. After talking to the doctor at that time, the nurse had told us it was okay. However, today I noticed that the cast is detached or broken along the top of her left leg. It’s still connected underneath her leg and that part of the cast is still hard. We duct taped it back together, but I’m not sure if that’s going to work. We’ll reassess the situation in the morning. Next week she’ll get a new cast. It’s a good thing because not only is the current one breaking, she’s growing out of it! Take a look at that chunky leg sticking out the bottom! She will be given general anesthesia for the cast change procedure, so it will be another all day event. (It took her four hours to wake up after her surgery.) Her new cast is supposed to give her freedom at the waist, and it will have a bar between her legs to help keep her hips in position. It will probably be more difficult to carry her around with the new cast. However, this will be just one step closer to being cast-free, so I’m happy! Hopefully her x-rays will show that her hip is still in place and that things are developing the way they should.

I started giving Doodlebug some mashed banana this week. She only gave me those insulted, confused, and “how could you?” looks on the first day. After that she just laughed at me while I tried to feed her. Miss Sassafras said, “Momma, don’t smile at her and don’t talk to her!” I can’t help but smile at her!!


Last night I dreamt I had CENTuplets (that would be 100). Wake me up!! Wake me up!!