This is an update for weeks 5 and 6. Last week was total craziness that culminated with Doodlebug’s cast change last Friday, so our weekly report just didn’t happen. I think we’re back on track now. Enjoy!

Sassafras (1st Grade):

I’m just going to give a brief recap of our school accomplishments for the last two weeks and include a few pics of her work. Tapestry of Grace history over the past two weeks centered on the Tower of Babel, Mesopotamia, the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob), and Joseph. In science, Sassafras finished up the chapter on fish and moved on to amphibians and reptiles. She also made good progress in First Language Lessons and All About Spelling (I just ordered Level 2). Narration steadily improved in Writing With Ease. Math was math. I can’t really say anything interesting about it.  In art we read a few pages from The Usborne Introduction to Art, and she worked on a cool/warm colors collage. For music, Melody Lane was about the orchestra as a whole and the conductor. She finished reading Riding the Pony Express, and we finished Homer Price as a read-aloud.

Sassafras is doing great in piano. For the past two weeks, she’s been reading some notes on the staff. She’s now getting to songs that include duet parts for me–her “I’m not really a piano player; I just play one on TV” piano instructor– to play with her. All of my parts are in the bass clef, which I can’t read fluently. So now Sassafras sits smugly next to me and says, “Momma, you just figure out your part and let me know when you’re ready.” Yes, dear.

Z-man (K4):

The Z-man worked on the letter g this week in Go For the Code. In math he worked on writing numbers 6-8 and counting to twenty. He’s really enjoying the books in Sonlight’s p4/5.

The Potty Monster is slowly being tamed. The Z-man has had one accident in the past two weeks. Nights are getting better, too. He’s made it through four of the past six nights. I promised him chocolate milk with his breakfast if he wakes up dry.  If he would stop being so stubborn about not napping, I’m sure he would go back to being dry every night. Oh, well. We’ll get there. I really hope he’s turning the corner now!

The Z-man had his first soccer game last weekend. He did really well and ran in the right direction! Woohoo! He did much better than his sister did at her first soccer game when she was his age. She just stood in the middle of the field and cried. Bless her heart.

Little Man (2 yrs):

Little Man started speech therapy last week. The therapist didn’t expect much from him the first session; they just played together. I thought this week would be better,  but when the therapist walked in with a college trainee (which I was expecting), I saw Little Man just shut down. He was bound and determined to not say a word or even crack a smile. He was even reluctant to even nod yes with his head. He would mainly move his eyebrows up and down. Sigh. Well, the therapist wasn’t going to be defeated by a stubborn two year old. She took him outside and pulled out her secret weapon….the one thing that holds more power over a small child than chocolate or stickers…..bubbles. Lots of bubbles. At first Little Man was trying so hard to remain a Sulky Sue. He lasted about five seconds before he was overcome with pure joy and couldn’t contain himself. From that point on he wasn’t exactly a Chatty Kathy, but he did try to say what she asked him to say. Therapist: 1  Little Man: 0

This week he’s supposed to practice words like Mama, Dada, Peep Peep, Boo Boo, etc. He’s doing pretty well except for ‘moo moo’ and ‘woof woof’, which come out as “boo boo” and “vuf vuf”, respectively.

I started a learning poster with Little Man this week. He seems to enjoy it, and even though he can’t talk clearly, I feel confident that he knows the letter A, the number 1, and a square. He also gets a passing grade for chomping like an alligator. 🙂 Colors are a toughie.

Doodlebug (5 months):

Free at last! Free at last! Well, not quite. Doodlebug had her cast change last Friday. It’s a good thing, too, because her old spica cast was being held together with duct tape. Her new cast is just like her old one except that we can now see her chunky monkey legs from the knees down. Six more weeks and then we’ll be cast-free! I say “we” because a body cast happens to be a family affair.  Doodlebug did much better with the anesthesia with the cast change…no loopiness afterwards…just lots of smiles for the nurses! We “press-n-sealed” her and headed home less than a half hour after she woke up. She is insanely happy. I honestly don’t know what she’s going to do with herself once she’s cast-free. She cracks me up! She cracks herself up!

Doodlebug had her six month checkup with her pediatrician this morning. He couldn’t do much but look in her ears, listen to her heart, and measure her head. We put her on the scale just to humor ourselves. She got three shots in her arms. They offered a flu shot today, but I decided that being in a body cast earned her the right to not have four shots at once. Mr. Flu Shot will just have to wait.


At the end of the day does your brain ever have those non-responsive times like on a Windows computer? You know, someone can ask you a question and you just stare at them like you’re trying to understand. It’s not that you don’t understand, it just that your status bar says “not responding”. In about 5-10 seconds, you’re rolling again. Well, that’s me every evening. Oh…… Santa, can you bring me a Mac for Christmas?

I had a good guitar lesson this week. I don’t know how I mananged it. I guess reading music is one of those things I can do in “non-responsive” mode. Anyways, after about eight tries or so, my instructor and I recorded a duet from the Mel Bay’s Modern Guitar Method Grade 2 book. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but hopefully it was acceptable. If the video turned out decent, I may post a link to it in next week’s report. I’m almost finished with the book. As a matter of fact, I have one more long song to master and then I’m going to declare myself graduated to book 3.