Well, the first day of fall in North America was this week. How did it go for you? Sassafras had really pumped herself up about it. “I can’t believe the first day of fall is this week! I’m so excited!” I guess that’s what I get for putting a calendar in her room. She handled the anticlimactic, disappointing nature of the 90 degree day pretty well considering her anticipation. The high on Sunday is supposed to be 70 degrees. Maybe I’ll tell her fall was just a few days late.

Sassafras (1st Grade):

Miss Sassafras completed week 7 of Tapestry of Grace Year 1. We read about Moses and the Ten Commandments, the structure of the Tabernacle, the Jewish calendar, and the Sabbath (Shabbat).  We read a book of Jewish blessings for children and she copied one of the blessings in English and in Hebrew. There wasn’t any geography associated with our history this week, so we just labeled all the states in the USA. (BTW, kids really do learn a lot by just mapping places they read about. I was surprised at how many states she knew considering that I haven’t explicitly taught them to her.)

Math, grammar, writing, spelling and reading were faithfully attended to this week. She did well in narration with passage selections from The Tale of Peter Rabbit. She is currently reading The Secret Valley, a book about a family that moves to California during the Gold Rush. We started the book Mountain Born as a read-aloud.

In science Sassafras finished up the reptile section in vertebrates and started on invertebrates. She completed animal pages on a chameleon and an alligator for her animal notebook. I had to cut her off at the pass when she tried to color her alligator hot pink. I told her there would be a time for her to have pink alligators. Her animal notebook was not the time or place. Sigh.

Sassafras finished memorizing Psalm 62:5-8 and question 108 of the Baptist Catechism (actually, I pulled this question from Charles Spurgeon’s catechism.) It asks “What is meant by the words ‘until he comes’ which are used by the apostle Paul in reference to the Lord’s Supper?” The answer is “They plainly teach us that our Lord Jesus Christ will come a second time; which is the joy and hope of all believers.”

We accomplished a good bit in art this week. I guess we were on a roll! In art appreciation, we read a little about the history of portrait painting in The Usborne Introduction to Art. She also “analyzed” a few pictures in Art Fraud Detective. We continued our study of warm and cool colors that we began last week and practiced mixing them together to make new colors. She chose to paint a picture with “cool colors with a warm accent”. Also, in our attempt to implement techniques from Drawing With Children, we decided to tackle some cacti from the Wonders of Nature (Little Golden Book).

Sassafras started working on a blanket as part of a Voice of the Martyrs project we’ve decided to do. She’s somewhat concerned that our blanket won’t make it to Iraq. We’ll pray about it. Voice of the Martyrs has many ways of sending encouragement to persecuted believers. Visit http://www.persecution.com.

Z-man (K4):

The Z-man worked on the letter w this week in Go For the Code. In Singapore Earlybird Math, he practiced writing the numbers 9 and 10. He worked on memorizing question 17 of the Baptist Catechism which asks “Did our first parents continue in the glad obedience for which they were created?” The answer is “No, but desiring to be like God, our first parents forsook the obedience of faith, ate of the forbidden tree, sinned against God, and fell from the innocence in which they were created.” He also worked on memorizing Psalm 36:5, which says “Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.”

The Z-man also reworked some nursery rhymes (“Little Miss Muffet sat on a puffin, eating her Christmas pie.”) and decided that turning into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Little Man (2 yrs):

Little Man had his second speech therapy session this week. He talked a bit more to the therapist than the previous week, so I was happy about that. He tends to clam up and push away when he’s asked to do something that he knows is hard for him to do. It looks like most of the work will be done during the week with me (and apparently his sister,who happens to be relentless in pressing him to practice his words! Of course, she’s also his biggest cheerleader when he says something correctly.). He received a book with some new words to practice this week. He never did conquer “moo, moo” from last week. The new words have two syllables with a repeating consonant sound and different vowels, e.g. mommy, daddy, baby, happy, bunny, hippo, bubble, etc. He has bubble down pat and he’s doing quite well with baby. Bunny comes out nunny. He’s working very hard and I’m very proud of him for trying. It’s just hard for him.

Doodlebug (6 months):

Doodlebug, Doodlebug, oh Doodle, Doodle, Doodle! Doodlebug, Doodlebug, oh Doodle, Doodle, Doodle, Doodlebug!! POP! DaDum Dum Dum Dum! You get the idea. Doodlebug is doing great in cast #2. The time is passing slowly…for me, anyway. But she’s happy…. This kid smiles ALL the time! Last night she woke up as I was going to bed. Her eyes were all matted shut because she has blocked tear ducts from time to time. Well, she doesn’t care. There she was craning her neck up to see what was going on with eyes matted shut with a goofy grin on her face! I love her to pieces!!


I have a mouse in my house. I discovered some of his frequented spots about a week ago and promptly set a trap. (Yes, I kill any mouse that invades my house. No sticky paper…no “let’s catch it and release it”. I exercise my God-ordained right to, as the Catechism says, “have dominion over the creatures.”) Well, today our lunch was disrupted when we discovered that Mousey had found his way to the pantry and apparently has a penchant for Lays Barbeque potato chips. I moved the trap and explained to the kids that when the writer of Hebrews said “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have.”, he wasn’t referring to mice. You’re  going down, Mousey.