Z-man: “Mommy, I found some rectangle money in my jammy drawer!!!”

Now if only I could find some rectangle money in MY jammy drawer!

Sassafras (1st grade):

We’re calling this week 10A. We did everything but history and art appreciation. Next week we have dentist appointments, a visit from Mamaw, and a trip to the state fair. So, next week we’ll just be covering math and history. However, she did put the final touches on her history lapbook from Unit 1 (The Books of Moses) in Tapestry of Grace and drew a cover for it.

Her math this week was accompanied by tears only on one day. I don’t know why. It just happens occasionally. In Writing With Ease, Sassafras gave narrations from passages about Davy Crocket and Sacagawea (which, by the way, I didn’t know was pronouced with a hard ‘g’). She completed step four in All About Spelling, and in First Language Lessons, she sent her Daddy a letter in the mail as part of writing her complete address with her zip code. Daddy was pleasantly surprised!

In science, Sassafras reviewed arthopods and then studied mollusks and cnidarians (jellyfish, anenomes, etc). She had a great time sorting shells and trying to identify them with a shell book we borrowed from the library. We also checked out a couple of books on both groups of animals for her to read in her spare time over the next week.

In art this week, Sassafras thought I was throwing her to the wolves. Yes, she had tears over art. Every week we practice drawing from graphics in Drawing With Children. Every week I talk her through all of the elements of shape in whatever picture we’ve selected and I draw the picture along with her. She usually does pretty well with me working with her. Well, this week I told her that I wanted her to try it by herself so I could see if she could process the picture by herself.  She cried. How terrible is that! What kind of mother can make their child cry over art?! About twenty minutes later she finally started drawing by herself. She selected a camel from a book called The Lion’s Paw. She was actually very happy with it once she got started. I just felt terrible that I upset her over art. Bad Mommy.

Z-man (K4):

As I’m mixing Crystal Light with water, the Z-man says, “Mommy, is that a bad drink? Daddy says he needs a bad drink.” “No, Honey. Daddy said he needed something to drink really bad. He meant he was thirsty.” And what lesson did Daddy learn from this? Don’t think you can mix up your adjectives and adverbs in front of a four year old and get away with it!

The Z-man completed his small portion of math and phonics this week. He was even able to sound out a few words on Starfall this week. We’ll be on the reading road soon!

You know, it’s funny what kids remember. Halloween is coming up. (I hate Halloween, but I guess that’s beside the point.) Anyways, we’re going to the symphony for a kids’ Halloween concert. The kids can dress up and get candy, etc. Since they will also be sitting down during the concert, I need costumes that are of the “sit-able” type and not too warm. (This means our adorable little duck costume is a no-go for Little Man. He would have been so cute!!) As a result, there’s been much conversation about costumes, with Z-man changing his mind every other day. (His last choice was Batman–the blue and gray one, he says.) Well, one day in the middle of the costume conversation, Z-man’s face suddenly falls and he whimpers, “Daddy, can I go with you instead of staying home and watching McQueen?!” (Sniff. Sniff.) Uh, what?? And then I remember. Last Halloween (when he was 3 years old) he was sick, so he stayed at home with me and watched the Cars movie while Daddy took Sassafras and Little Man trick-or-treating. Now I’m sure he doesn’t remember being sick. He just remembers being left behind. Great. Just great. Sigh. I’m sure he thinks it was my fault. I mean, I can even make a kid cry over art.

Little Man (2 yrs):

Little Man is still making slow improvements in his speech. This week we were able to make him very aware of saying ‘up’ instead of ‘bup’. All it takes is a raised eyebrow and he’ll correct himself on that word. This week his therapist added hot, hide, house, and hand to his word practice book. She also gave some suggestions for activities for developing lip rounding, such as picking up cheerios with his lips or alternating between ‘ooo’ and ‘eee’ sounds. Little Man and I have decided that trying to sing The Witch Doctor is the most fun. OOO EEE, OOO AH AH, TING TANG, WALLA WALLA, BING BANG!! He has a ways to go, but he’s having fun! Now I just need him to stop whispering during his speech therapy!! Once he goes into whisper mode, it’s very difficult to get him out of it. He only whispers louder if you say you can’t hear him. Sigh.

Little Man has also been having trouble adjusting to cool weather clothing.  He doth protest much when I pull out a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. Hoodie sweatshirts are the worst. I let him wear his tennis shoes as a consolation prize. The boy is all about his teeny-boppers.

Doodlebug (7 months):

Are we there yet, Papa Smurf??! One and a half weeks until she’s cast-free!! The next step will be a Rhino Cruiser brace. (Click here to see Sassafras in her Rhino Cruiser when she was a baby.) I’m hoping the brace will be 23/7 instead of 24/7. I want at least an hour a day to hold my squishy, cuddly baby! Not to mention the fact that I want to give her a real BATH!! Do you know how difficult it is the wash the head of a 7 month old the same way you would that of a 1 week old? They don’t move their head when they’re a week old! Who knew a sponge bath could be so messy!


I made this awesome black-eyed pea soup again this week. Yum. Yum. Add some Frank’s Hot Sauce and it’s double yum.