Soccer, soccer, soccer. That defined our week! We would have had a total of one practice and four games this week if one hadn’t been rained out. We sat in sleet for a game this morning! Uggghh! Well, soccer playing is all over now. We have  a couple of soccer parties left. Here comes the sugar!

Sassafras (1st Grade):

In Tapestry of Grace history this week, Sassafras studied ancient American civilizations, including the Inuits, the Mound Builders, the Cliff Dwellers, the Olmecs, and the Maya. Actually, I had been dreading history this week due to lack of books on the subject. The one history book we did have, Dover’s Life in Ancient Mexico Coloring Book, contained some disturbing pictures such as a Maya leader pulling a spiked rope through his tongue. Honey, do you want to color this page? Ewwww. Blech. Gross. (Insert any other adjective you feel is appropriate.) But in spite of it all, we actually enjoyed this week and learned a lot!  We spent a good bit of time online looking at pictures of igloos, Native American Mounds in the eastern US, cliff dwellings in the southwest, big stone heads of the Olmec people, and Mayan ruins. I actually had some of my own pictures of the Mayan ruins at Tulum where my husband and I had visited on our honeymoon. On that trip, we had also purchased a Mayan-style codex book that explains the Mayan calendar, and Sassafras was able to make a rubbing of the cover. We also took time on Friday to watch Cracking the Maya Code via Netflix.

In science Sassafras studied protists and bacteria. We spent a little bit of time on youtube watching amoebas and paramecia move around under a microscope. One of my favorite things in school as a kid was looking at pond water through a microscope. I can’t wait until we can buy our own microscope and look at all kinds of cool stuff! This week’s lessons completed our animal study in God’s Design Science. Next week we’re on to the human body.

Her other subjects–math, writing, grammar, and spelling–progressed as usual. Art appreciation this week included reading Van Gogh and the Sunflowers about Vincent van Gogh and looking at some of his work online. In How to Teach Art to Children, Sassafras studied more about the art element of value by diluting watercolors. Drawing with Children didn’t get accomplished this week due to the Maya video we chose to watch on Friday afternoon.

In other news, Sassafras scored two awesome goals in her last soccer game of the season. Unfortunately, I think she may have pulled a muscle in the process. Sigh. We’ll see if she’ll even be able to get out of her bunk bed in the morning. She’s also making great strides in piano. She has become comsumed with a primer level hymn book and has already worked through four songs on her own. I included a video of her playing “Go Tell It On the Mountain”.

Z-man (K4):

The Z-man is still progressing nicely in his school work. He’ll finish his Explode the Code primers next week. Woohoo! I also started him on a Kumon Numbers 1-30 book. In Singapore math he worked on pattern sequences. He loves math and always asks to do it first. He’s also practicing counting to 30 and counting by 10’s to 100.

The Z-man has now memorized the first 18 questions of the Baptist Catechism. I finally started putting the answers to chants and it has really sped up his memorization. Why I didn’t do this earlier is beyond me. His memory verse this week was Proverbs 15:1: “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Now if only I could get him to apply this concept with his little brother. They were constantly at each other’s throats this week. Sigh.

Little Man (2 yrs):

Little Man is talking up a storm! He’s trying to copy his siblings in what they say. He’s not putting any words together in a sentence, but he does put thoughts together. This week in particular he’s been talking about what belongs to whom. I made the mistake of letting his baby sister wear one of his sweatshirts last week. When I tried to put the same sweatshirt on him the other day, he would have no part of it because he thought it was his sister’s and not his. “Me” has been his favorite word this week!

Doodlebug (7 months):

Our cast-free Doodlebug is doing great!! She does very well in her Rhino Cruiser brace during naps and at night. Earlier this week she started rolling over. Before she was casted, she had only rolled over twice. Now we can’t keep her on her tummy for any significant amount of time. We’re also working on sitting up. She has some self-support, but she usually stiffens her body and leans backwards, making sitting impossible. Her legs tend to default to the cast position most of the time. She’ll get there!


This week was our anniversary. Nine years! We’re hoping we’ll be able to celebrate with dinner maybe next weekend. This week was just too busy with soccer to do anything else. The Maya book that I mentioned earlier that we bought on our honeymoon also came with our wedding date written in Maya hieroglyphs on bark paper. I’ve included a picture of it below. The first five positions of the Maya date tell how many days passed from the creation of the world (according to the Maya) to our wedding date. I won’t go into all of the details (they’re explained in the book), but it says, according to my calculations, that 1,867,932 days passed from creation until our wedding. That equals roughly 5,114 years. The rest contains other calendar info. Apparently, if I had been born on the same day of our anniversary, my character would be described as good, rich, and generous. According to my explanation sheet, this would put me in the same boat as Nietsche, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lucille Ball, and Frank Sinatra. Hmmmm.