Do you think we’ll receive a personally signed Christmas card from our car mechanic this year? I’m just asking. Oh well. Dishing out for repairs is better than a car payment, right?

Sassafras (1st Grade):

This was our first week in Greece with Tapestry of Grace! What fun! We studied the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations of the Greek Bronze Age. We read about the Trojan War and got our feet wet with a little Greek mythology. We read the Greek creation story, Pandora’s Box, Persephone and the Seasons, Theseus and the Minotaur,and Jason and the  Golden Fleece.

In science, Sassafras started the human body in God’s Design for Life. So far we’ve just had a brief overview. I think we start the real nitty-gritty next week. She drew a self-portrait for the cover of her human body notebook.

Math and language arts were the usual. She has three lessons left in Rod  &Staff Grade 1 Math. She’s excited because the Grade 2 math books are pink. Yes, she’s a priss pot. I’m hoping the enthusiasm will carry over to the math itself!

All of our art was integrated with history this week. For art appreciation we looked at pictures of Minoan pottery and art. Since the Minoans created the first known frescoes, we tried to do a fresco-style painting with plaster of Paris. I asked Sassafras what she wanted to paint. A butterfly and a flower. Do you know how many drawings of butterflies and flowers I have tucked here and there? I made the suggestion of painting a dolphin based on the Minoan Dolphin Fresco. Thankfully, she liked that idea! In Drawing with Children, Sassafras drew the Trojan Horse from a graphic I found online (actually, it’s the one that the Z-man colored below). I told her when she finished she could add other things to the picture. I was thinking things like a city wall, Trojans, Greek soldiers, etc. Well, Sassafras had her own ideas. Her Trojan horse is rolling around a meadow of flowers on a sunny day while being admired by a Trojan lady with a red ribbon in her hair. I guess she completely forgot to add the butterfly! Ha! Gotta love it!

The other highlights from the week included her soccer party last weekend. She received a medal instead of a trophy. Brilliant! I have little room for trophies! Sassafras also had two teeth removed due to  overcrowding in her mouth. She was such a brave soul and came through with flying colors.

Z-man (K4):

The Z-man started reading lessons this week in the Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading. He did very well! He’s very excited about learning to read. He also started Explode the Code Book 1, which I’m hoping will reinforce what he’s learning.

He loved listening in on the Greek myths this week. (Of course, every three sentences I would ask him, “Are these true gods or false gods?” I didn’t want any confusion!) Monsters and clanging swords are right up his alley! His eyes were as  big as saucers when we read about Theseus and the Minotaur. Afterwards, when he was playing with his sword and shield, I asked him if he was Theseus. He said he was the minotaur and then he fell down and played dead! Too funny! Along with his sister, the Z-man tried his hand at a fresco-style painting of a pirate. He also colored the graphic his sister used to draw her Trojan horse, and he specifically asked me to include it in our report. So, here you go!

The Z-man had his soccer party this week, too. He had a good time, but for some reason he turned down a cupcake. Hmmm. The next night he was running a fever of 103.5 degrees and was complaining of a mild sore throat. Maybe something was a’brewing! Why else would you turn down a cupcake? (Yes, I have a cupcake addiction.) Thursday, his fever was down to 101 and today he seems much better. I’m assuming it was a pesky virus. I wonder who will be next in line!

Little Man (2 yrs old):

It’s my goal to get up at 6:30 every morning. My days always go better if I’m awake before the kids. However, the past couple of weeks I have failed miserably. As a result, my alarm clock has been Little Man dragging a bag of cereal down the hallway and plopping it on the bed. Sigh. Thankfully the cereal has remained in the bag and not entered the bed. I’m going to do better next week. Things could get ugly if I don’t.

Little Man is talking so much now. Most of it is still not clear, but he does really well when we sit down and practice his words together. This week he was finally able to say “cow”, “moo”, and “no” correctly when presented with visual cues. After two months of practice on these words with no results, I consider this a great accomplishment. Of course, in his everyday conversation, he still says “bow”, “boo”, and “bo”. Old habits die hard.

Doodlebug (7 months):

I thought I would sum up Doodlebug’s week with just two pictures. Enjoy!


Oh, wow. When does life slow down? I can’t believe Advent is only three Sundays away. We love celebrating Advent in our home! But I feel like we just finished celebrating last year! My precious children are growing up too fast. At times it scares me. The days of butterflies, flowers, pirates, and tumble-bumble babies won’t last long. Cereal in my bed isn’t even a bad thing when you look at the big picture. I’m thankful there’s a God in heaven and that He loves us. Lord, please pour out your mercy and grace upon my children.