We had a busy week of  magnets, monks, cathedrals, rainbows, a bloody nose and holy rides to the library. Read on!

Sassafras (2nd Grade):

Sassafras spent every morning this week at the library participating in the GlaxoSmithKline Science in the Summer program. The electricity and magnetism themed program included experiments with magnets, static electricity, and circuits. They had show-n-tell today and showed off some of their projects. In the picture below she is showing off their homemade magnet.

In the afternoons she did a little math, history, and Latin. In history, we studied Justinian the Great, St. Benedict, St. Patrick, monasteries, cathedrals, and Byzantine Art. We also learned about illuminated Medieval manuscripts. I bought a coloring book of illuminated letters and let her color a page for art. We also found a nice little video about how Medieval books were made. (Be sure to bookmark it for your Medieval studies!) Another cool video we watched was David Macaulay’s Cathedral on Google Video.


Z-man (Kindergarten):

The Z-man and I just plugged away at Kindergarten this week while his sister was playing with electricity at the library. We started studying weather in his science. We talked about the water cycle, floods, and rainbows. Later this week, he told Sassafras he was coloring with “indigo”. She was, shall I say, insulted when he said he read the name of the color on the crayon. “How did he do that?? He can’t read that!!” Of course, having learned about “indigo” in the rainbow had primed his reading pump, so to speak, but she didn’t know that. Chill out, Sissy!

Little Man (3 yrs old):

Little Man was just along for the ride this week. What else can I say? We read Pete’s a PizzaChicka Chicka Boom Boom, and The Gingerbread Man. He colored a little, did some counting, and learned a bit of Latin. He sanctified one of our trips to the library this week by chanting “Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus”. It’s gonna be bad if Sassfras’s little brother shows her up on her Latin prayers. It could get ugly! Hmmm. I wonder what else he can learn by osmosis? He’s very spongy.

Doodlebug (16 months):

Doodlebug (aka Rotten) was daredevil extraordinaire this week. Last Saturday night, she thought she would test out her theory that sleep is overrated. She was up from 1AM to 5:30 AM. At first we tried to let her sleep in our bed. (Note to self: Babies in Rhino-Cruiser hip braces are not capable of sleeping with their parents. Or rather,  the parents can’t sleep with them.) I was amazed at the speed with which she could rotate on any axis. It wasn’t working out in any way, shape, form or fashion. So, hubby and I ended up taking turns sitting with her in the living room. She walked all over everywhere in her brace to the point where we had to attach more velcro the next night. Sigh. I’m sure I was walking around in a daze at church on Sunday.

On Tuesday she decided it was in her best interest to attempt to climb out of her crib. Who needs a stinkin’ nap anyway? Well, she got stuck and started screaming. When I finally reached her, I found her straddling the side of the crib and hanging on for dear life. She rounded out the day by falling into the bathtub while reaching for a toy. I guess she landed on her face because she came up with a bloody nose. Gravity is like that. At the park today, she walked up and DOWN the slide. Methinks I have my work cut out for me.

When she wasn’t climbing, she was sword-fighting her brothers. Yes, she will take you down. Also, she somehow managed to get an M&M every time Little Man used the potty. Hmmm. Maybe I was afraid of the light saber.



It looks like I may start teaching two kids to play the piano and guitar. We’re still trying to work out the details. Yes, I’m leaping out of my comfort zone. Who knows, maybe my parachute is a different color….. In the meantime, I’m working through Debbie Denke’s The Aspiring Jazz Pianist. Not that I’m interested in playing jazz, but it seems to be a good book for working through the application of chord theory. I can do this…..I think.