Sorry I skipped out on our report last week. My mom and stepdad came to visit last weekend from Mississippi. It was a last minute thing, but it was so nice to have them visit for a couple of days! We went to a cool art exhibit in town on Saturday. I wrote about it earlier this week and included many pictures.


I don’t know where this week went! One highlight of our week was today. A fellow homeschooler from our church has organized an enrichment class on Africa. There are 35 children participating and today was our first session. Sassafras and the Z-man really enjoyed it! The lesson today included an overview of Africa’s biomes and landforms, how to draw an elephant, an intro into the life of David Livingstone, and a little bit of music.

Sassafras (2nd Grade):

This week Sassafras studied Marco Polo and his travels to China. She was so excited about Marco Polo because a few weeks ago we watched a documentary on Netflix about Venice. She loves Venice. Marco Polo was from Venice, therefore she loves Marco Polo. That’s the logic! We also glanced at Japan this week in history. We were supposed to do a salt-dough map of Japan. Didn’t happen. Maybe next week.

Let’s see…what else? We chanted our list of helping verbs many, many times, did all the Singapore challenging word problems in the length chapter, finished two steps in All About Spelling, learned five more Latin vocabulary words, and studied minerals in science.

In music we listened to Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor. She drew a monster as she listened to it. What would you draw? In art, we attempted to sculpt an animal out of papier-mache. It didn’t work out so well. It pretty much flopped for the simple reason that I have no idea what I’m doing. We need a do-over. Maybe next week.

Sassafras’s soccer team won their first game of the season tonight. (Our Africa class, along with the soccer game, is why I’m throwing this report together at the last minute. I’m tired!) This is the first year she has played in a division that keeps score, uses goalies, plays positions, and uses a referee. It’s also the first year Doodlebug has decided to join the game by dribbling a ball out on the field in the middle of the game….about a half dozen times. Let’s just say that the parents were entertained, and Doodlebug is showing some great potential in her soccer dribbling skills.

Z-man (Kindergarten):

The Z-man has been working in Explode the Code book 3, and I think he finally gets the “silent e” concept. In Sonlight this week, we read about China, and we started the book “The Hundred Dresses”.  I  have to say that I’ve officially ditched the book I’ve Heard Good News Today in Sonlight’s Core A. I didn’t like the book when I read it to Sassafras two years ago, but I pressed through. There are some good stories in the book, but overall I don’t think the stories are written in a manner that’s engaging enough for children. I could tell the Z-man was shutting down whenever he saw the book. I was having to scan the text and retell the stories in a way to keep his attention. When I couldn’t do anything to salvage the story about Margaret, Queen of Scotland, I decided there was no reason to torture either one of us, so we went with plan B. A friend of mine loaned me Hero Tales (which Sonlight used to use), and some YWAM books for young readers. Last week and this week we studied Gladys Aylward. I included Sassafras as well. Life is good.

The Z-man had his first soccer game this week. He scored one goal. His team did pretty well considering that they only practiced once before the game.

Little Man (3 yrs old):

Little Man was sad to see Mamaw leave last weekend. He drew a picture of her. This one’s for you, Mamaw! This is the first picture he has ever drawn that wasn’t just scribbles on the page.

Doodlebug (18  months):

Doodlebug played one of her favorite games all week long. It’s called “Can I Get the Salsa Before Mommy Closes the Fridge Door?” Doodlebug was also Exhibit A for why you shouldn’t store hand-me down pajamas with elastic waists in a hot attic. Bless her heart.



This week I played “Can I Get What I Need Out of the Fridge Before Doodlebug Grabs the Salsa?”