Sassafras (2nd Grade):

In history this week Sassafras studied Ferdinand Magellan and the first circumnavigation of the world. Lots of mutiny and mayhem! She learned about latitude and longitude in geography and started Our Universe in science. I included a pic from our stalactite/stalagmite experiment from the previous week. Our stalactite wasn’t much to write home about.


In language arts, Sassafras did writing/narration exercises from Pilgrim’s Progress, started All About Spelling Level 4, and learned about interjections and conjunctions in grammar. For literature, she finished Pinocchio. In Latin she learned a few prepositions and another line of the Table Blessing.

To supplement our monthly study of Africa, we’re reading through the book 52 Days by Camel: My Sahara Adventure. We’re loving this fascinating book! Last weekend we also made the Moroccan chicken stew that we sampled in our last Africa class. Yummy!

Snow White was the perfect costume for Sassafras. The way she’s holding out her dress in the picture above is pretty much how she walked around the neighborhood. Excuse me….how she fluttered around neighborhood. Princesses flutter. 🙂

Z-man (Kindergarten):

In history this week, the Z-man and I read about covered wagons, stagecoaches, and log cabins. We also finished up Twenty and Ten and read (with Sassafras) about David Livingstone and his expeditions in Africa. In science we talked about amphibians and creepy crawlies. Math was still addition facts that add to 5 and writing numbers up to 16. And I will say that it’s amazing how well the Z-man can write when he knows his computer time is contingent on his schoolwork being done neatly and diligently. 🙂 The boy is serious about his screen time. Too serious.

Little Man (3 yrs old):

Little Man was so happy about his ghost costume. I made it out of a king-size pillowcase and used the sewing machine to hem it up. Later in the week when his pants kept drooping, he wanted me to make them “smaller” like his costume. Sorry, honey. The dust hasn’t settled from the first time I brought out the sewing machine. Let’s be thankful for adjustable-waist pants. 🙂

Doodlebug (19 months):

Doodlebug was very suspicious about the whole Halloween thing:  Why are strange and scary people coming to my door? Why are we giving them candy? Does this have anything to do with that horrid duck costume Mommy shoved me in earlier? A duck?! Are you kiddin’ me?! I couldn’t even scream and wallow on the floor effectively because of my tail. (Shudder! I’m glad she took that thing off of me!) Oh, wait. There’s my sister fluttering down the hallway. And that must be Little Man under that sheet. I recognize his light-up tennis shoes. Why is the Z-man playing dress-up and wearing his church shoes? What is that? Oh no! It’s yellow! It’s furry! It’s the duck! Run for the hills! Oh, no! Mommy is such a traitor! Resistance is futile. Just take the stupid picture, give me that blasted pumpkin, and let’s get this over with! Oooo, is that chocolate?



Thursday was our 10th anniversary! My hubby sent me a bouquet of flowers that included stargazer lillies, the main flower used at our wedding.  🙂  Here’s to ten happy years and many more!