We took the kids to the Green Eggs & Ham Discovery Concert at the Winston-Salem Symphony last Saturday. It was a hoot! It was very entertaining and held their attention the entire show. Now if only Little Man would eat green eggs and ham….or vegetables…or fruit…or beef…or fish….or……well, I guess I don’t really have time to go through that list. Anyway…… We then headed to our church’s hayride. The weather was a bit cold, but the leaves were beautiful, the apple cider was delicious, and the fellowship was sweet.

Sassafras (2nd Grade):

In history this week, Sassafras studied the Aztecs, the Incas, and the Spanish conquistadors.  She was also supposed to learn about the flora and fauna of South America. Didn’t happen. However, she did manage to make a salt-dough map of South America. Hopefully, she’ll be able to paint it next week. (Salt dough maps take forever to dry in our house.) We also read  A Winter’s Tale and Romeo & Juliet from Edith Nesbit’s The Children’s Shakespeare.  Nesbit does a wonderful job of re-writing these tales for children.

In science this week, Sassafras learned about stars and constellations. She thinks it’s cool that there’s a constellation named Pegasus. She’s really going to love it when the constellations of the winter sky are in full view.  The astronomy course I took in college is going to come in handy!


Her literature this week was supposed to be The Borrowers. However, on Tuesday she left the book at the school where Little Man has speech therapy. Sigh. So, she’s reading The Trumpet of the Swan instead.

We finished the book 52 Days by Camel: My Sahara Adventure this week for our Africa study. I know I mentioned it last week, but this book is so wonderful and interesting! The photographs are outstanding!

We finally managed to do an art project late Friday afternoon. The focus was painting a wash with watercolors. The “wash” part turned out okay, but I’m rather discouraged with watercolors. I have zero knowledge about watercolor technique. She painted her cat and then immediately tried to put a black eye on it. Well, the black all spread out all over the cat’s head. She was in tears, and I was quickly trying to tell her how to salvage the picture before she had a complete meltdown. In the end, she made the cat with black markings. She was happy, and the crisis was averted. I would much prefer to stick to drawing and sketching. There’s much less drama.

Z-man (Kindergarten):

I started giving the Z-man speed drills in Rod&Staff Math 1 this week. He doesn’t write very fast, so I give him 90 seconds instead of a minute to complete them. He actually finished all the problems yesterday, and he was very proud of himself.

Science this week was about animals that live in the sea. He really liked the Great White Shark. For our read-aloud, we read Mary on Horseback. (Why do I always cry when I read Sonlight books? Sniff.)

The Z-man did the same art project as Sassafras. His painting is entitled “Elephant with Wind-Blown Ears.”


Little Man (3 yrs old):

Little Man finally got his s-blends down in speech therapy. Now he’s going to be working on sh/ch. Maybe before long a “chip ship” won’t be a “ship ship”.

Doodlebug (19 months):

This week I included a couple videos of Doodlebug. Everybody likes to watch a dancing baby, right? The second video is of Doodlebug practicing her back flip in her Rhino Cruiser.


There isn’t anything interesting to report about me this week. I changed diapers, did a little bit of laundry, practiced some guitar and piano,  and changed more diapers.