I have a date in 30 minutes with my hubby, so this report is short and sweet!

Sassafras (2nd Grade):

In history this week Sassafras studied the Pilgrims and the founding of Plymouth Colony. She also learned about the geography of Massachusetts. In science she finished her study of the solar system with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. She plugged along in math, language arts, and Latin.


Sassafras caught up in art this week by completing the wash painting that she was supposed to do last week. She was very proud of her results. She also took time to paint her sister’s portrait, which I included down in Doodlebug’s section.

The Z-man (Kindergarten):

The Z-man finally got the lead out this week in regards to math. He received his “Diligence in School” sticker every day. He amazed me this week at how easy math comes for him. He was able to count money with little help. He also did a wash painting this week in art with his sister.

Little Man (3 yrs old):

Little Man passed his articulation and language testing with flying colors. He scored at the high end of average. So, I’m officially graduating him from speech therapy. Yay!

Doodlebug (22 months):

I would say that Doodlebug held down the fort while we all did school, but in reality she just tore it down. Oh, the joys of being a toddler. 🙂



This week I read more Sherlock Holmes (The Hound of the Baskervilles) and worked on my improvisation in piano. I struggle at the latter, but I think I’ll eventually get it. I’ve ordered Debbie Denke’s new book, The Complete Church Pianist: A Piano/Keyboard Method with Tips for Inspired Improvisation and Worship. We’ll see how it goes!