Here’s a recap of our week!

Sassafras (2nd Grade):

In history this week Sassafras studied Roger Williams and the founding of Providence. Our history reading was a little light, so I also had her begin reading Traitor in the Tower, a book about John Bunyan. In science we read about space exploration and the Apollo mission.


In Latin this week Sassafras learned the verb endings for future tense. In grammar she started memorizing the list of prepositions. She plugged along in spelling, writing, and handwriting. In math she started memorizing the 5 multiplication facts. Early on she had the epiphany that she knew some of them already from reading a clock. Yay! Whatever makes it easier!

In art this week she and the Z-man made textured watercolor portraits. The pictures were supposed to include arms and hands (like the Mona Lisa). Sassafras also did her own hair. That’s art, right?

The Z-man (Kindergarten):

The Z-man finished up Explode the Code book 3 (phonics) this week. In math he finished up Singapore Earlybird Math and started subtraction in Rod & Staff Math 1. In geography he started learning the continents and oceans. For a read-aloud, we started In Grandma’s Attic.  As I mentioned above, he did art with his sister. The dude in his portrait has his hands in his pockets.

The Z-man finished up basketball this week. He received a certificate and a medal for his participation. Thursday night his group performed during half-time at the Elon University men’s basketball game.  Daddy took both of the boys to the game, and the girls had their own night out.


Little Man (3 yrs old):

Little Man did great in preschool this week. He’s working on tracing letters and numbers and working with the letter B in phonics. He got in on the art action this week. He was very proud of his painting! It bears a strange resemblance to how I look by Friday afternoons.


Doodlebug (22 months old):

I have a strong-willed child. I had to pick my battles this week, and, frankly, I lost many of them.  I’m hoping that one day we’ll be able to harness all that perseverance toward something God-glorifying. In the meantime, she’s providing fodder for my sanctification. She sure is cute, though!



I weeded out some toys this week. We were overloaded, so I gathered up toys that were being ignored and some that were hard to ignore. (I think you know the type.)  I have a collection ready to go to the nearest place that will accept my charitable donation. 🙂

I decided to get serious this week about reading Nancy Pearcey’s The Soul of Science: Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy. It’s dense, but good!

In the amusement corner of my life, Netflix put Jeremy Brett (Sherlock Holmes) back on instant. Woohoo! However, they removed Keeping Up Appearances. I’m going to miss Hyacinth Bucket. (Sniff.)