Georgia, Georgia,
The whole day through
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind

Well, we did add Georgia to our 13 colonies map this week, but that’s not what’s been on my mind! I’ve been in geography mode. With perfect timing I received my recent order of two Geo Puzzles, one of the USA & Canada and the other of the world, as well as some new atlases. These puzzles are just wonderful! We already have Africa and Europe, and Sassafras has gotten quite good at putting them together. The two atlases I bought were the National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers and the National Geographic United States Atlas for Young Explorers. These books are absolutely beautiful, and Sassafras loves them! She especially likes that they’re really big. The puzzles and the atlases came in very handy this week in history and in science.

Sassafras (2nd Grade):

In history this week, Sassafras studied New France and the Great Lakes area. We started reading Holling Clancy Holling’s Paddle-to-the-Sea, a book about a carved canoe that travels from the banks of the Nipigong River in Canada, through the Great Lakes, and out to the Atlantic Ocean. We were supposed to read the whole book this week, but we both became so engrossed in the book and its fine details that it was impossible to finish it this week. (I quickly realized that this is a book that needs to read slowly–maybe even a chapter per week–because there is so much geography and other info that can be gleaned from it. As I was looking for a map for us to use, I discovered that Beautiful Feet Books has a geography study based on Holling’s books. It’s definitely something that I will be looking into for the future.) Anyway, even though we did learn about how people lived in New France, this week was mainly about geography. After Sassafras put together the USA & Canada puzzle, I realized we could use it to find many of the lakes and bays of Canada in our geography assignment. That was much better than looking at a teacher’s map! While reading Paddle-to-the-Sea, she had both atlases spread out and was so excited about finding exact locations around Lake Michigan. (Yes, Grandma, Paddle-to-the-Sea has already been right past Grand Haven, MI!) We also followed Paddle’s path on Google Maps, which has the whole trip mapped out with links to the chapters. We watched some videos about canal locks on Youtube. (Here’s a video of a ship going through the Soo locks, and a time-lapsed video of a boat going through the Erie Canal locks. FYI: The lyrics to the audio on the second video are annoying.)  You see why we didn’t finish the book! We’ll pick up next week with Paddle-on-the-Sea on Lake Huron. Her completed notebook page will also wait until next week. She tried to draw the Great Lake area without looking at map, so I’ve included a picture of that. It will probably be part of the completed notebook page.

She also used the new atlases for science this week. She learned about the difference between weather and climate and was able to look at a climate map in the world atlas. The day she completed her science notebook page, we spent the afternoon playing outside at a friend’s house. As you can see, the high was in the upper 70s!

In grammar we finally finished the long list of prepositions, and in spelling we finished All About Spelling Level 4. Woohoo! In literature she continued to work through The Railway Children. She has one chapter left for next Monday. (Canal locks are also mentioned in The Railway Children. It’s just one of those nice coincidences.) In R&S math she continued to practice the x6 multiplication facts, and in Singapore Math she practiced making change with coins and bills.

In piano this week she decided she wants to learn Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. It’s a simplified version, of course, but it still requires all the fancy finger work with the right hand to play the melody. We haven’t covered anything about crossovers and tucks in her lessons, so I just showed her how to do this one song. She practices it ALL THE TIME! I think I’m starting to twitch a bit. 🙂 She said, “I just want to play piano all the time!” As much as that is music to my ears, we all know the fire won’t be burning that well all the time!

Z-man (Kindergarten):

In Sunday School last week, the Z-man received a new bible for memorizing twenty verses. He has been so excited about his Bible. He totes it around all the time, is constantly reading the simplified stories that are included in it, and enjoys looking up his new memory verse.

In math this week, he started the 4 subtraction facts. I still have him playing with c-rods every day. In reading he’s working through a second Little Bear book and also learning about silent letters. In science we read about magnets, light, and electricity. In geography he was finally able to locate all of the seven continents on a map. (The oceans are still a little iffy.) The read-aloud for both Sassafras and the Z-man is still Treasures of the Snow.

Little Man (3 years old):

Preschool for Little Man was uneventful, but steady as always. He joyfully does a page of Explode the Code and a page out of three Kumon workbooks, and then he’s done. I started having him make his bed this week. He’s not doing too bad! 🙂 He worked on memorizing questions 4 and 5 of the Children’s Catechism: How can you glorifly God? and Why ought you to glorify God?

Little Man had a row with the rosebush in the backyard, hence the big scratch on his face.

Doodlebug (23 Months):

Doodlebug swallowed a penny yesterday. When I laid her down to change her diaper, she started gagging, and I noticed the penny in her mouth. I sat her up, and she swallowed it. I feel terrible about the whole thing. After a call to poison control and the doctor, I calmed down a little bit. We all know what I’m going to be doing for the next two days–an in-depth study of poop.


This week I thought a lot about geography, read 5% of Don Quixote (pitiful, I know), and putzed around on the piano. How was your week?