Sassafras (2nd Grade):

In history this week Sassafras learned a bit about  the French and Indian War. The Matchlock Gun was our history-based literature and the focal point of the week, so I chose that book as the subject of her notebook page. In science she learned about weather fronts, wind, and thunderstorms and made a wind sock out of a trash bag and a coat hanger. (Hmmm…not terribly exciting, I know.)


With a couple of appointments and Doodlebug’s birthday to celebrate, the rest of our week seemed all jumbled about, shuffled around, and crammed together. We got most things done, but we missed a day of spelling and grammar and skimped on art. She was supposed to do a fresco painting, but I took the easy way out and handed her a book about Michelangelo instead. Sassafras did manage to finish up Latin for the year. Woohoo! For literature she started Misty of Chincoteague, which she really seems to be enjoying.

Sassafras had a dentist appointment this week. They took a mold of her mouth to have some type of space-maintainer appliance made for her. She’s supposed to go back in a few weeks to have it put it. We were there for what seemed like an ETERNITY!  After she was called back, I know she spent well over an HOUR watching television while she waited on the dentist. I wasn’t happy. They were apologetic.

Z-man (Kindergarten):

Z-man is really coming along in his reading. This week he fluently read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, A Fly Went By, and A Big Ball of String. He only has one more book to read of Sonlight’s 1st grade readers. For math this week I had the Z-man doing number bonds and Life of Fred Apples. I keep finding him with his head stuck in the Life of Fred book in his free time. He’s waaayyyy ahead of me.


Little Man (3 years old):

In preschool this week, Little Man worked on the letter k in Explode the Code. In math he tried some dot-to-dot puzzles with 1-20. He also spent a good bit of time outside in the beautiful weather. I received a handful of clover, dandelions, and violets to show for it. 🙂

Doodlebug (2 years old):

Happy birthday to my little Doodlebug! She turned two this week! Sassafras thought the only proper way to celebrate was to have a “no school day.” I compromised and just had a light school day. Doodlebug was very anxious to eat her cake. She kept sitting at the table and staring at it.

In other news, the doctor said not to worry about the penny. It’s not stuck in her chest anywhere, so she’s not in any danger. It was music to my ears. I’m tired of going through poop. I’m done.



Well, the hour and forty-five minutes I spent at the dentist did lead to one good result. I’m very close to being done with the first part of Don Quixote. 🙂

I spent a good bit of time on piano this week. Unfortunately, I spent next to zero time on the guitar, and I have a difficult song to play this Sunday. I’d better get moving on that…… Is it time to go to bed yet?