Spring has arrived! It’s been beautiful this week! The hostas, hydrangeas, and gerber daisies are coming to life in our backyard. The azaleas are in full bloom. We couldn’t resist taking some of our school outside this week!

We took a great nature field trip today to Hemlock Bluffs in Cary, NC. The site is the only place in our state other than the mountains and foothills where Eastern hemlock trees grow naturally. Galax, also commonly found in the mountains, grows on the bluffs.  (Did you know that galax poaching is a problem in the Blue Ridge Mountains?) Here are few pics of the cones of the hemlock tree and of the galax plant. (The latter flowers in the summer and would probably make a better picture then.) In the first picture it’s easy to see the petiole where the leaf attaches to the stem, a feature that makes hemlock different from other conifer trees. Other interesting finds were fern fronds, jack-in-the-pulpit, and sprouting beech trees.



Sassafras (2nd Grade):

Sassafras learned about the Boston Tea Party in history this week. She started reading And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?, and we began Johnny Tremain as a read-aloud. After the first chapter or so, I was afraid the book was going to be a bit much for her; however, she seems to be enjoying it, so we’re going to stick with it. She had a good bit of notebooking to complete this week, so we opted for coloring and copywork for her history page. In science we read about tornados and hurricanes and made water tornadoes using two-liter bottles and a tornado tube. This device provided a great deal of  entertainment for the rest of the week.


In literature Sassafras finished up Misty of Chincoteague this week and seems excited to read other books by Marguerite Henry. She also completed our six-week study of Michelangelo and Antonin Dvorak, making notebooks pages for each. (I have no idea why she chose to write so small on the Michelangelo page.)


Z-man (Kindergarten):

The Z-man finished up Sonlight’s Grade 1 Readers earlier this week. Right now he’s reading through CLE’s grade 1 reader, and he’s doing great. I’m glad reading is going well, because math is…well….not. The problem is that his attitude stinks and my patience (or rather the lack thereof) stinks, together making a very stinky combo. He’s semi-okay doing addition/subtraction wrap-ups and very okay doing Life of Fred. I’m of the mind to shelve everything else for now and let him go with what he mostly enjoys. I don’t like stinky school.

The Z-man had a great time on our nature walk today and never complained once about carrying his backpack. He was rather intrigued by a yellow-footed millipede and insisted on taking a picture himself. Kinda creepy, huh?


Little Man (3 Years old):

Little Man was a real trooper on our nature walk today. Everyone had a buddy except for him, so he chose to stick close to me, holding my hand most of the time.

I let him skip his nap a few times this week. He was ecstatic! I’m sure that’s going to bite me in the rear soon.

Doodlebug (2 yrs old):

You know, when Sassafras was Doodlebug’s age, she stayed fairly clean and tidy, always had socks with her tennis shoes, and for the most part stayed out of too much trouble. Doodlebug gets shoes slapped on without socks, throws her sippy cup in the dirt and then drinks from it, does a face plant off the swing (and is running out the door again before I even finish cleaning her bloody lip), and dances in the flower beds. And that was just this week. Who knows what she’ll be up to next week. 🙂


I don’t have much to say about myself this week. I read 2% of Don Quixote, worked on a Chopin piece on piano (It de-stresses me.), and read a lot about hemlock trees.