This was a very light school week for us. Daddy was in Kentucky this week for the Together for the Gospel conference, so I decided it was best to stay busy with other things in order to make the time go by faster. We went to the park and the natural science center and had a couple of play dates. As far as school was concerned, we did some math, history, and nature study.

At the science center we checked out the 96 year old alligator snapping turtle. Somehow I missed that whole section of the museum last time. Doodlebug also had fun petting the ponies at the petting zoo. Actually I think she was more interested in disinfecting her hands. Pet the pony. Disinfect. Pet the pony. Disinfect. Pet the pony…. Mommy had to step in to break that cycle! The most excitement we had at the museum involved me breaking my flip-flop while trying to release the brake on the stroller. Sigh. We were as far away from the main building of the museum as we could get. While I was trying to hobble along, Doodlebug broke free and was socializing with strangers in the picnic area. Meanwhile, the Z-man took a shortcut through the wooded area and wiped out and skinned his knee. He was standing there screaming with blood trickling down his leg while I’m trying to get there wearing one shoe. We made it through lunch, hobbled out to the car, drove to Payless Shoes down the road, bought a pair of flip-flops, and then returned to the museum. I’m going to miss those Adidas flip-flops. Sniff.


To spur us on in our nature studies, I signed up for the Outdoor Hour Challenge newsletter. This week it was about robins, and since robins are frequenting our yard right now, I thought it would be a great focus for our nature study. We read from the Burgess Bird Book for Children and learned about robins on the All About Birds website. Later in the week the kids did a page for their notebooks. We were also very observant about the different birds in our own backyard. In addition to the usual suspects (sparrows, finches, cardinals, dove, mockingbirds and chickadees), we saw a male and female brown-headed cowbird (identified by Sassafras) and discovered a brown thrasher nest in the holly bush. We also have a European starling that has built a nest in a hole in the soffit right outside Sassafras’s window. The wind also blew a small twig down from our tall tulip tree in the backyard. We’ll probably study the tulip tree in the near future, but I had to go ahead and snap a couple of pictures of the tree’s beautiful flower.


Sassafras (2nd Grade):

This week Sassafras read Will You Sign Here, John Hancock? and almost finished Misty’s Twilight. Together we read about George Washington and some important battles of the Revolutionary War. I let her off easy on her notebooking pages by just printing some info about Washington crossing the Delaware and letting her color a portrait. We also made Johnnycakes for breakfast one morning. They were really good, and Sassafras says we need to make them once a week. We were also planning to make hasty pudding, but we didn’t get around to it. Maybe tomorrow…..


Z-man (Kindergarten):

The Z-man did a little math and reading this week. He’s on book 5 in the Magic Tree House series. He was very interested in our robin study and was very eager to try to draw a robin. I talked him through it with the book Draw 50 Birds. On the way to and from the museum, we listened to Burgess’s The Adventures of Buster Bear, and while I think all of them enjoyed the story, the Z-man was particularly captivated by it. He liked seeing the otters at the museum because of the character Joe Otter in the book.


Little Man (3 yrs old):

Little Man also enjoyed spotting robins in the our yard this week. Instead of drawing a robin, I let him color instead. I am mighty impressed with how carefully he colored his picture. I was going to write “Robin” at the bottom and let him trace it, but before I could do it, he tried to write his name by himself. Not too bad!!


Doodlebug (2 yrs old):

Doodlebug yelled, “Robin!” at every bird she saw. A bird is a bird is a bird. Don’t bother her with the details. 🙂


Last weekend my hubby planted 50 lily bulbs (mainly stargazer lilies) in the flower bed by the back door. Lilies are my favorite flowers, and I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile. We did have some hostas and other shade-loving perennials in that spot, but I soon discovered that the area got more sun than I had anticipated when we planted them. So, we transplanted all of them to another spot in the yard with some hydrangeas that I planted last year. Once everything fills out I think it will be quite nice.

With my hubby being gone all week, our whole dynamic was completely changed. I managed to do all of the laundry and keep the house somewhat tidy. I was so tired each evening, though, that I kept falling asleep while reading Don Quixote. So, I didn’t make my 10% quota this week. Oh well, I’m still pressing forward.