We’ve had a very busy week. We only did three full days of school this week. Our topics/tasks (collectively) included ratification of the Constitution, the French Revolution, Napoleon, the ocean floor, lots of dictation in spelling and grammar, multiplication, subtraction, the solar system, true stories about dogs, Shostakovich, Raphael’s Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn, and the letter P. And that’s all I’m going to say about that, because everything else we did is much more fun to write about!

Last Saturday was Little Man’s 4th birthday. He started the day by going to the bakery with Daddy to get donuts. They came back with lots of chocolate donuts with sprinkles. 🙂 After breakfast we led him out back to discover his new bicycle. He was so excited! Then in the afternoon we went to the Space Rocks concert at the Winston-Salem Symphony, where Little Man was able to try out a guitar and have his picture taken with Darth Vader. We went out for pizza and then had birthday cake. It was a great day for Little Man!



Since Little Man got a new bike, we thought it was a little pitiful that we hadn’t even made a decent attempt to get Sassafras and Z-man off their training wheels yet. So, Sunday afternoon the training wheels came off and we let them practice in the backyard. Monday night we took them for a bike ride at the park. I included two videos below, one of Sunday afternoon and the other of Monday night at the park. There were some falls but no major wipe-outs. They’re both doing really well, although the Z-man is still trying to get the hang of it. Thankfully, he’s seems pretty fearless about the whole thing. And as you can see in the second video, Doodlebug can be fearless at times, too! By the way, Little Man says he’s “taking a brake” when he uses his brake. Just too cute. 🙂



On Wednesday, we headed to the North Carolina Zoo, one of the largest “natural habitat” zoos in the USA. What that means for visitors is that it’s guaranteed you’ll be worn slap out by the time you’re done and your pictures are likely going to be fuzzy. 🙂 The highlights included a 4 month old baby chimp, some rather playful otters, and an anxious grizzly bear.



Finally, on Friday our local homeschool group held its annual field day. It was the 50 yard dash, sack races, water balloons, hula hoops,  relays, and tug-o-wars interlaced with lots of sweat, sunscreen, and freezer pops! Unfortunately, it seems that my computer has hiccuped and lost all of my field day pictures. 😦 So, just imagine that you see pictures of my children hopping around in burlap sacks and sweatin’ like pigs. 🙂

Meanwhile, through all the action that has occurred this week, I finally did it. I completed Don Quixote. I think my Kindle needs recharging. 🙂 And after a week like this, I need recharging!