School’s out for summer!! We finished up everything this week, although reaching the finish line was rather anti-climatic since we only had a few things left anyway–a couple of grammar and writing lessons, a bit of math, and some notebooking. The Z-man finished Explode the Code 4, and we did some quick read-alouds–Capyboppy and Elmer and the Dragon. Sassafras had so much free time that she made herself a new fleece blanket. I cut the strips around the edge, and she tied all the knots. (I included a pic below.)

Last Saturday was very busy with Sassafras playing two games in a soccer festival. I have a peeling sunburned neck to show for it. 😦 In the evening we took some pizza out to a local park and did some walking on the nature trails. Since it was late in the day, the areas that were very wooded were starting to get a little dark. We happened upon a Scarlet tanager taking a bath in the creek. He was so beautiful! The kids chose him for their nature study. We found out that the red feathers of the males molt to olive green in the fall, making them look very similar to the females in the fall/winter.

Mother’s Day was great! I got a pink cover for my Kindle. Yay! Kinda makes it hard for my hubby to borrow it now. 🙂 In my reading this week, I continued to work through Feminine Threads: Women in the Tapestry of Christian History and Gulliver’s Travels.





Little Man: