The kids thought they were on summer vacation. But what does Mommy make them do to rob them of their summer fun? Math and chores! Muahahahah!!!

And now for the rest of the story. The Z-man has been busy building math fact towers with c-rods and base-10 flats. How bad can that be? See, he’s smiling in the pic. I’ve even caught him with his Singapore math workbook before breakfast. (I guess there is the possibility that I’ve brainwashed him into thinking math is fun, but we’re not going to linger on that thought. By the way, here are some videos you can use to brainwash your child into loving math, as well.) Sassafras, after doing a Rod&Staff math lesson, has been tackling a chapter of Life of Fred each day, an activity that she has been downright giddy about. She’s also finishing up Singapore’s Challenging Word Problems 2. Today she said, “Ooo! I can do this one without any help!” I was then instructed to get my cup of coffee and to just “sit there and watch.” I felt like I should have been paying admission.


And now on to the chores. My kids already gladly make their beds and pick up their stuff <insert hacking cough/laugh>. Ok, they do make their beds and pick up their stuff with a little….uhhh….coaxing at times. I felt the need to give them some more responsibility and structure in doing chores, as well as some incentives. I’ve taught Sassafras and the Z-man how to do their own laundry. They are doing a great job! All I have to do is put in detergent and frabic softener and push start. They transfer their clothes to the dryer, fold/hang them, and put them away. Ahhhhh! It’s so refreshing! A couple of days ago I made a set of chore cards that I plan to distribute each day according to ability and what needs to be done. (I even laminated them with my new laminator!) While some chores are freebies (for me), such as doing their own laundry, making their beds, picking up their toys, helping set the table, etc, I’ve also designated three chores each per week that are money-makers, pending that they are done well. They will also on occasion be able to make more money by doing extra chores. They’ll get paid at the end of the month. One reason I’m doing this is because they have zero concept of how money works, and I want them to learn how to save, give, and spend money wisely. Plus, (since confession is good for the soul) I hate laundry.

Life of Fred and money. See, I’m not so evil. Doodlebug is so far exempt from math and chores. However, she should be able to assist in making her bed when we convert her crib to a toddler bed. This is really a change I need to make this summer before we start school again. Let the insanity begin!


On Memorial Day weekend, we went to the NC homeschool conference. Sassafras and Z-man went with us and attended the children’s conference. While they were jumping in bounce houses and singing songs, hubby and I were busy buying workbooks, books, and more Life of Fred, as well as listening to speakers. (John Stonestreet is always a favorite of mine!) We stayed at a hotel in the historic district of Winston-Salem called the Brookstown Inn. Our room was in what we called the “Tower of London.” The elevator only went to the 3rd floor, and from there we had to take the stairs. It was actually a pretty cool place. It was only later that I discovered that some people think it’s haunted. Apparently it’s something about some woman ghost crying for mercy. Hmm……. Maybe next time we’ll need to take our little Jedis with us. As you can tell, Little Man has no mercy.


In other news…. My lilies are coming up nicely, I’ve discovered The Piano Guys, and I finished Feminine Threads: Women in the Tapestry of Christian History.