I mainly have pictures this week. We decided to take the week off. We had a few days of 70 degree weather (that ironically came right after an ice storm that put our county in a state of emergency) that were just screaming for a field trip. So we headed to the Greensboro Science Center on Monday…..

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The  Museum of Life and Science on Tuesday…..

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And finally the Children’s Museum of Alamance County on Wednesday….

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On Thursday, I decided to clean out the girls’ room and rid it of the junk they have been collecting. This was greatly facilitated by a little pre-purge chat with Sassafras about the difference between treasures in heaven and treasures on earth (not to mention the (not so) few things that I thought didn’t belong in either category!).

The only schoolwork we did all week was two math lessons, and for Sassafras, I think she also did half a page of Latin. However, we had to get art in, so on Friday we tried out a lesson from Atelier Art, which I borrowed from a friend. They were to draw a tree(s) starting from a seed, showing different branches and the roots. I’ll leave you with their finished products! I hope everyone had a good week!

03140001 03140002 03140003 03140004